i live in iran can i send sms to an other countris?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can send sms to the rest of the world if your phone has the GSM capability. All this info is in your cellphone package. It all depends on your network is a GSM carrier. I'd suggest you get your cellphone service from one of these networks in Iran

    1.KFZO (TKC) GSM 900 www.tkckish.com

    2.MCI GSM 900/1800 www.irantelecom.ir

    3.Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan (MTCE)GSM 900 www.mtce.ir

    4.Rafsanjan Industrial Complex (Coop) (Taliya) GSM 900 www.rafsanjan-ic.com

    I'd suggest you take the MCI network cos it can switch in both 900/1800 bands.

    Did I answer your question? So I guess I should win the best answer right.

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    only if you stop plutonium enrichment

  • 1 decade ago

    use skype BETA

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