How exactly was ISRAEL formed??

Did the US help shift Palestinians??? How can you just have a country which it is someone else's ??

(THE ABOVE is not meant to sound biased, that is the very little i've heard of the story... true or not)

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    Israel was basically backed by the British; various locations were considered, even Argentina and in Africa. Look up the Balfour Declaration; also Theodor Herzl. The Zionist settlers flooding into Palestine in the 1920s began taking over Arab lands. In 1948 alone, the year Israel was officially founded, Zionists destroyed over 400 Arab villages and towns, killing or driving out the inhabitants and either destroying the town so nothing remained or taking it over for Jewish use. I believe these genocidal acts on the part of the Jews was the root cause of the hated against the Jews today.

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    The Jewish people are some of the most discriminated against people in the history of mankind, from the ancient Romans to present day Christians. Ironically, Jesus Christ was Jewish.

    After WW2, the Jewish people were scattered over Europe. Palestine had already a huge number of Jewish people, consisting of approximately 30% of the population by 1939 when immigration was halted by the British despite guarantees by the same. Illegal immigration was started in earnest, especially after the horrors of the holocaust were reveled. The UN takes over, and plans on splitting the country into two countries...the Arabic peoples protest and start guerrilla warfare. Israel is formed, and the Arabic nations are defeated by the Israelis. Many Arabs are forced to leave for various reasons. The Arabic nations retaliate, forcing yet another war...which Israel wins. Repeat several times...

    The idea wasn't that the land was someone elses, the idea was to give a home to people who have constantly had their homes and countries destroyed by others. Property was not seized until a peaceful immigration policy was attacked, with the security of the people at risk.

    However, it should be noted that the Arabic nations were not alone in their atrocities. Israel has launched attacks, both government sponsored and civil against other countries, including annexing land the Palestinians were located on. However, with their withdraw from contested lands, they seem to be doing more to help the peace process than other nations.

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    God found favor with Abraham and promised him a large track of land. aka Israel.

    Fast forward to WW1 Turkey controlled most of the Mideast. They were allies with Germany and lost the war. The land was divided to pat war reparations in 1919. At that time it was mostly Egyptians living there the census taken by Turkey only counted 69 people claiming to be Palestinians. (granted there are complex reasons for this small number like being afraid to admit who you were or where you were from)

    Jews and Palestinians have lived there for 5000 years. In the last 50 outsiders started telling them how live and who should be in charge of what. Combine that with millions of settlers coming from the Arab world and Eastern Europe and you have a mess.

    The Sabras were doing just fine before America and Saudi Arabia stepped in.

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