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has anyone seen the movie Vanilla sky?what do you think about that?

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    I thought Vanilla Sky was a total waste of time. The whole dream sequence/flashback thing was absurd, much like most of Tom Cruise's train-wreck life. Sorry if you are a fan of Tom Cruise, but that movie was terrible!

    Source(s): Actors get paid for that crap?!? And I pay to watch it?!
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    Vanilla Sky is a remake of a Spanish movie Open Your Eyes (Abre Los Ojos) . Rent that and see if it makes more sense.

    I liked Vanilla Sky myself. I'm a Cruise fan.

  • I thought it was kinda weird. The story line was way to complicated to keep track with what was going on in the movie. In my opinion, definitely one of Tom Cruises worst movies.

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    I thought it was one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. I really did not get the plot and was ready for the movie to end.

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    It was just as bad as the Spanish version that also had Penelope Cruz in it....

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    it is crazy but i suffered it just 2 c tom

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    i did not under stand it realy when i will i will decide if it is good or bad

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