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Tourists in Japan?

Are people in Japan rude to tourists, especially American ones?

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    Japan is one of the best places to visit. Almost 100% of the people are very friendly, at least on the outside, towards gijin. (Foreigners). Many people will be very helpful should you become lost and need directions. Most Japanese that were born after 1960 know quite a bit of english, even if they act like they do not, and cannot speak it very well. Try writing any questions that you may have. Japanese vowels and such are different sounding than english pronunciation. Ka ke ku ke ko would be an example.

    Safety in Japan. You will be safe from pretty much any crime, most anywhere in Japan with the possible exception of Osaka. You can pretty much walk any street in Japan day or night without worry.

    Language. Take a little time to learn spoken Japanese. It is much easier to learn than English is, and by your attempting to speak their language, it will greatly enhance your chances of making many more friends.

    As for rudeness. Generally unfortunately it is us Americans that are considered rude by many different cultures around the globe. Do try to be a bit reserved and don't act silly and give the rest of us a bad reputation.

    If you would like more information, ask via this message.

    Ohh and do visit some interesting places: Peace Park in Hiroshima is really interesting to see a view of WW II that many Americans don't see. Miyajima is pretty cool, Matsuyama Castle and the Dogo hot springs in Ehime ken are interesting, and of course Fujisan (Mount Fuji near Tokyo)

    Source(s): Lived in Japan for several years. Speak Japanese. Wife is Japanese.
  • No, not at all. Living in Japan for long time, I have never heard of people not welcoming tourists from any country. And Japan is very american friendly country.

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    I lived in Japan for three years and the Japanese are extremely helpful and courteous to tourists. One trick I learned is to write your questions on paper if you're having trouble communicating verbally. Most Japanese people have a good understanding of written English. Just don't ask them the meaning of life or something that requires a complicated response. It always helps when travelling to learn some of the local language. Just being able to say excuse me, thank you and please go along way in any society.

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    Not that i'm aware of, thogh mostpeople will bend over backwards to practice their english with you so if you'velearned mcuh japanese it will be hard work trying to use it. Other than that the rudest thing you'll get is the teenage girls giggling and pointing saying "Gaijin!" (foreigner) which they do all the time to a lot fo people.

    You'll be fine, politeness is a big deal there just be respectful and don't wander into gang territory.

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    No they aren't. Even if they don't like you they will still try and help you out. A few things I would do while in Japan get sushi it tastes better there, curry, noodles OMG noodles. All in all Japan is a fun place to visit.

    Source(s): Currently living in Japan until sometime later this year.
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    No the Japanese are corteous and kind to foreigners.

    Especially if you speak english.

    Be careful speaking english in Tokyo though.

    Most Japanese don't speak fluent english and their hearing is usually pretty poor but there are some (And increasing yearly it seems) of those that "look" Japanese but are not. Like myself.

    I once had a guy whisepering to his friend about my hair and how it looked "funky" behind my back, probably thinking I didn't understand english like the "other" Japanese and surprised him by turning and saying "Look dude I'm having a bad hair day ok? How about my clothes can I get your opinion on that?"

    Ahh man, you should've seen the guys face turn red it was hilarious.

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    the shopper is "god" in spite of what u . s . a . they are from. you'd be served and not in any respect dealt with rudely. yet even if the shopclerk badmouths you to her coworkers once you walk away is yet another tale. (yet who cares!) I not in any respect felt that i changed into dealt with badly--what some ought to interpret as undesirable therapy is extra probably embarassment--it quite is infantile once you imagine about it, even though it really is real. eastern human beings do have their very own opinion of different Asians--it really is real, and yeah excellent, not each and every human being is an same, not anybody is prejudiced, and so on and so on. Japan does not evaluate itself element of Asia. some Asians do wade through from discrimination even as they arrive to Japan--even if i imagine that those who bypass to Japan wade through extra. travelers come for a jiffy, are in a set, and spend maximum of their time playing themselves. they don't seem to be attempting to employ an apt or get a job or purchase a motor vehicle, so no concerns there. i imagine if you're a affected human being, pleasant and well mannered vacationer you'd be dealt with properly. yet dropping your mood or attempting to browbeat your hosts receives you nowhere.

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    No, Japan is one of the most pro-American countries in the world. The chances of encountering a Anti-American person in Japan is slim, Okinawa could be a different situation though.

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    Japanese are the politest, kindest people I know. For the most part, I have never met a rude person in Japan. And I've lived there for 20 years. As long as you don't behave like the "ugly american", they have no reason to not like you.

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    Noo! Japanese people honestly love foreigners, especially Europeans. Being half American and Japanese, I know this. My dad is American and my mom is Japanese and the people are always so fascinated by my father haha. Japan is great, everyone is kind and caring, especially out in the country

    Source(s): personal experience
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