Who are the Bildeburgers?

Bildeburgers, Tri- Latteral Commission, Council on Foregin Affairs, Freemasons. These are the people who run the world. Who are they?

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    This goes back as far as written Western History has existed. There is a theory that the Bildeburgers, the Tri-Lateral Commission , Freemasons and even the N.A.T.O. and the World Trade Organization and the World Bank are all controlled by these groups. They are essentially groups of businessmen that decided who would run what countries, who would go to war, who would retain control over riches, fuels, waterways, in ways that could benefit these Businessmen.

    A good example was that just before World War 1, the Rothschild's (Europes richest banking family) needed to increase it's holdings, and so allegedly, the Rothschild's put out a hit on Franz Ferdinand so that England and Germany would get into the war. During war, countries have to borrow money to finance the war (we are doing it now with Iraq and Afghanistan!), so the countries involved would have to do business, one way or another with the Rothschild's.

    A great book on the subject matter Is a book called "The Unseen Hand" it is written by a Professor at University of Arizona. It was in paperback when I read it a few years ago. It goes into allot of the "so-called" U.S. Illuminati (the Rockefeller's, the Mellon's, the Carnegie's and many robber Barons of the industrial age) and how they were able to swing elections and decide policy without ever stepping into the White House or Congress.

    If you look at the back of a US$ 1.00 bill, you will see some signs of what is supposed to be the Freemason's input into our government. (The ever watching eye; the 13 levels of the pyramid; the fact that there is a pyramid and I used to know what the latin meant around the seal, but I've long fogotten.).

    Lastly, in your question, you started with the "Bildeburgers", it depends on who you talk to, the two theories are:

    1). It was started about the beginning of World War 1 by Englishman Dennis Healy who had attended Freemasons meetings and wanted a business group, Just Like Them...

    2). It was started in Germany by Prince Bernard, at the start of World War II, he was an SS officer and wanted to make sure that if the Fuhrer didn't prevail that his and other German royalty assets would be "safeguarded".

    Get that book, should be in used book stores. I really enjoyed it and I am not a nerd.

    Hope I could help!


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