Bauhaus and art deco?

The project is "designing an Interiors products based on bauhaus and art deco"

I don't know where to start!!!

where can i learn about these two styles?

what should i do to have a good research.

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    Tough question-

    Art Deco actually came at the end of the Arts and Crafts movement, which started with Ruskin the philosopher and William Morris in England, then it moved to the Untied States where Stickley is probably one of the more popular artists. The idea behind the movement was that the Industrial Revolution was starting in England, and craftsmen were being replaced by machines that could do the work.When the art movement moved on, it become art deco and returned to Europe, especially France (Think Erte and look at the decorative wrought iron work) and then to Spain.

    Bauhaus started in Germany and it's major thrust was to improve the look of everyday things- like toaster- to make it more utilitarian and to make the item have a clean, fresh line. Paul Klee was at the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius, my favorite artist Josef Albers, who was a painter and experimented with color (Homage to a Square is one of his most well known series of art), His wife, Anni Albers, was a textile designer and a weaver and did some amazing work.

    To compare to contemporary artists, I think of Michael Graves who does high end work for Alessi and Target at the low end.His view is that good design should be affordable and available to all.

    Lots of books in the Library- read design magazines-go to museums- Internet several of these names.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): These are two of my favorite art periods.
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    Start with Viennese turn of the century architecture. Jugendstille (art nouveau) and designers such as Hundertwasser had major impacts in the simplifications that art deco had on 'classy' architecture. Prior to that, styles were highly decorative, the most severe of which were Barouque and Roccoco. Once you know where they've come from, you'll have a better foundation for the Bauhaus and art deco movements.

    Have fun, they're great eras!

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    The Art Nouveau style draws largely from themes found in nature such as plants, flowers, trees, and insects, while the Art Deco style is largely geometrically-oriented in design elements. Art Nouveau also tends to be more asymmetrical with long flowing sinuous lines, and Art Deco is more symmetrical and characterized by repetitive shapes and lines. While there is some overlap between the two styles in use of flowers and insects, there are differences in the specifics selected. Art Nouveau would use irises and orchids while Art Deco would use camellias and roses (which could be rendered in more of a Cubist form). Art Nouveau might rely on insects such as dragonflies and spiders - perhaps due to the lingering fascination with Darwin's classification of animals in the 1850's. Art Deco artisans used animals such as leaping gazelles and racing greyhounds to convey a sense of speed and power to emphasize the recent technological accomplishments in aviation and automotive engineering.

  • Bauhaus - 1930 functional style, Mies van der Rohe, Harvard dormitories, beginnings of simple large buildings.

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