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Do you "really" believe in the Iraq war? Are you a Patriot?


A question for you Chicken Hawks about Patriotism...

A band like the Dixie Chicks expresses their opinion of GWB, an opinion shared by almost 50% of the American People at the time, and they are shunned, bouycoted, and threatened......another entertainer, say, Toby Keith, who has never spent a day in uniform except when he wears fatigues and his cowboy hat prancing around on stage, makes Millions of $$$$ singing Flag Waving Chest Thumping songs that please and entertain the Sheep.

Who's the Patriot, the Dixie Chicks who voiced their opinion, which is their right under the Constitution, or Toby Keith who joined the long list of Profiteers who have made the "most" from Bush's War?

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    Patriot is as patriot does. I am a patriot, but I earned my right to call myself a patriot. I served four year to the day in the Air Force and I have an Honorable Discharge to prove it. The Air Force knew where I was everyday for four years. I was never AWOL, Absent With Out Leave. No disciplinary problems like an Article 15. No Brig time. I spent two year in Asia, 18 months in Okinawa and 6 months in Korat, Thailand, and I delivered bombs to the flight line for the first flights into North Vietnam in March of 1965 in The Rolling Thunder Bombing that went on until 1973.

    George Bush on the other hand was AWOL for six months and nobody seemed to notice. Oh yeah, there is one record showing that he had a dental appointment during the six months he was Absent Without Leave, AWOL.

    Nobody but a rich kid of a high power Father in Government could get that situation fixed.

    So, who is a Patriot?

    I can also tell you this. When I got to Korat Thailand, it took my twenty year old eyes one minute to see that we Americans were underestimating the South East Asians, our American eyes saw these people as weak and just a little stupid because they were slight and were dressed like scarecrows, but to my eyes they looked as Okinawans looked in close quarters. I could see that these people were tougher, smarter and much more principled than we thought they were by mile or two. And my eyes were right.

    We are going to lose the War in Iraq for the same reason?

    Source(s): Rolling Thunder, Vietnam War? Yahoo Search
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    Your question is pointless because you're ignoring the fact that "the people" spoke with their wallets, and this was a business thing. Are you claiming it's unfair that people who disagree with the Dixie Chicks boycott them? Is there something wrong with me refusing to buy tickets to a Tim Robbins movie?

    You libs scream that it's free speech for the Dixie Chicks, but then whine about people using their free speech and free spending against the Dixie Chicks. Hypocrisy?

    Let's not even get in to what a ***** move it was for "the Chicks" to go overseas to make their comments. Like Gore saving anti-American statements for speeches in Saudi Arabia, and Clinton in Dubai, last year. These are clever attempts to avoid getting as big a backlash as they might in the US when there would be much more coverage of these statements.

    Back to the point, this was about business. Country music has a patriotic, conservative fan base. They pissed off their audience, and have recently said they're shooting for a different audience anyway.

    Let me ask you something though.... First off most people didn't say the Chicks were "unpatriotic" for their statements... Just stupid, and idiotic... But even those who feel that they are unpatriotic and say so, what's the problem? Is it only free speech for the chicks? Why fuss over someone else using their free speech and opinion to call them unpatriotic? I'm not sure why I'm even asking this because you liberals will never get it if you don't already.

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    The Dixie Chicks aren't patriots (though they are pretty decent muscians). Toby Keith is just an idiot. A patriot is someone who supports the rights of others to do whatever they choose, short of harming others. The war in Iraq is not a defensive one, and the United States has no business there.

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    Oh, king of hypocrites, why is it that the Dixie Chicks have a right to their opinions but Toby Keith doesn't have a right to his opinions? And you also seem to believe that the people who disagreed with the Dixie Chicks don't have a right to their opinions. When a liberal has an opinion, you believe it's some great epiphany, or "thinking for myself". But when a non-liberal has an opinion, then it's part of some great conspiracy or profit motive.

    So if your opinion is anti-Bush it matters, but if it's not then it doesn't? As usual, nothing but hypocrisy from a liberal. Read a book. Embrace a fact.

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    I'd think more of your opinion if I didn't read the rest of them as well. Your behavior is seditious, and so was the behavior of the Dixie chicks. That's the difference.

    Right? How about the right of people to NOT buy their product? Or to buy Toby's? You think we should be forced to? That's what shunning and boycotting is for. It's as American as apple pie, just like Free Speech.

    Threats should result in arrests. That's the only point we agree on.

    You don't know the difference between sedition and free speech. That means you keep siding with our enemies. Expect us to respond to you.

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    As an ex Army Reserve, I can say I will always support my Nation and all of the Troops, where ever they might be "BUT" I do not support this War in Iraq.

    The War in Afghanistan, I did support because that is where the TRUE War on Terrorism is being fought.

    Funny how these days you don't hear much about the TRUE War on Terrorism!

    Speaking up for what you believe in, is NOT's just that the Republicans have made it that way.

    I have spoken to many of our Troops and believe it or not, many DO NOT support the War in Iraq either.

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    I didn't believe in going to war in Iraq. Saddam wasn't doing anything much different than Iran and North Korea, two countries whom just happen to have more advance WMD's too.

    But since we are already in Iraq I believe we should crush the insurgency.

    I don't know about anyone trying to profit from the war, entertainers more try to just voice there options about things.

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    The War in Iraq isn't fun, but I believe it is a good cause. Toby FTW.

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    i believe i can be a patriot by supporting the troops and the nation

    but i dont have to support the war

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