i want to know about tonya m. whitman?


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    Our good neighbor this week wasn't born in Hahira, but like me, she got here as soon as she could. She's been here now over 62 years and guess that qualifies her as a model Hahirian!

    Frances Miley was born and raised in Nashville, Georgia. Her great, grandfather, Samuel Nash gave the land for the whole city square and the town of Nashville is named for him. Her parents were Robert and Mary Griner. Mr. Robert was a schoolteacher and later on a rural letter carrier. He lived to be 98 years old. Frances had 2 brothers and 5 sisters. "There's only the 3 girls left," said Frances, " Me, Sarah Norman and Farry Powell." I asked her how she met her beloved 'Mr. Eugene,' and their love story goes like this:

    "Well, I kind of met him on a blind date, my sister was involved. We dated for a while and attended the First Baptist Church of Nashville. I was 18 when we married in 1939. I didn't know we were getting married that night but, Eugene said, "We're gonna get married tonight," and we went to St. George, Georgia and got married at the courthouse."

    The happy couple moved to Hahira in 1939. Eugene was a builder and Frances had her own Flower Shop. She started off working for Zant's and then Martin's Florist. Somewhere down the line, Mr. Martin sold her the business and Miley Florist was opened on Main Street.

    The Mileys have 5 children. Diane Felts, from Florida, Marilyn Brady, from Hahira, Susan Prescott from Florida, Kathy Beverly from Flowery Branch, Georgia and Woody Miley, who lives here in Hahira. Frances is not in the best of health, but she stays busy these days spreading cheer to all who meet her. We in Hahira are proud of citizens like Frances Miley.

    Welcome to God's World, Lauren Leigh Whitman. Born July 9th to Richard (Rick) & Tonya Whitman. Proud grandparents are Rev. & Mrs. R.H. Whitman and Mr. & Mrs. Larry Corbett. Great, grandparents are June & Willene Corbett and William & Revelia Huffstutler. Lauren has 2 big brothers and 1 big sister. 'Rick's Fried Chicken proudly flies a Pink Ribbon on the door.

    There's nothing like a cruise on the river for relaxation. Oh, Mrs. Ruth Reddy and her nephew Lee Bryan said they were going fishing, but Ms. Ruth said cruising along on Ekifeney River, (which runs into the Gulf of Mexico) in Lee's new Air Boat was the best. All this happened on Sunday, July 7th. Lee is a very special nephew and Ms. Ruth always enjoys being with him. They did catch some fish and Ms. Ruth claims she has a picture of herself with a big catfish.

    At the 'Rise & Shine Breakfast' last week, the salute to Moody, we thought we were back in the Air Force. At our table were several men in Blue. Pouring the coffee was a new citizen of Hahira, Ms. Bea Johnson. She moved into the old Booth Home, on Nelson Street. Welcome to Hahira Ms. Bea. We enjoyed talking to Dale, a CMSGT also. Dale and his family are from Arizona. Dale, the invitation to attend Bethany Church still stands and a good time would be this Sunday, because after the morning worship service we will have lunch in the fellowship hall.

    Hope you didn't miss Sean Lackey when he sang at the Customer Appreciation Day, which Sav-A-Ton held a couple of weeks ago. Sean is the thirteen year old son of Sonia & Darrell Lackey. He attends Hahira Middle School. Last weekend he sang in Cordele at the Watermelon Festival in Nashville, Georgia. He has been singing at all local festivals for some time. Maybe you'll have a chance to hear him at the Honey Bee Festival in October.

    Hahira's last Market Day will be held next Saturday, July 28th. The time is 7 to 11 AM. Merchants will be having sales that morning also. Be sure to turn out in force for this last Market Day. It's also a good time to visit with neighbors. Tuesday's blood drive was successful. They had a goal of 40 and 39 units were collected. It's been said that I could have helped reach the goal if I had shown up at the Recreation Center and given blood. I accept the blame for this failure but had to be home taking care of my grandson Brandon. On Thursday afternoon, Ellie Bridges and myself packed a brown bag lunch and went to the library for the movie, Cassablanca. Along with other tired women, we put our feet up and enjoyed ourselves as we relived the days of Ingrid Bergman in her heyday.

    On our prayer list this week is Lamar McKee, who is in ICU at South Georgia Medical Center. I talked with his wife Peggy and told her we would be praying for Lamar. Years ago, we went to church at Greenwood with Peggy & Lamar. Can't forget the times he cooked the mouth-watering barbecued chicken. We're remembering also, Bobbie Register, Betty Collins, Vernon Harnage, Jackie Smith, Belva Mann, Ronnie Lastinger and a special prayer is going up for Gloria Jackson, for her upcoming surgery.

    It's been a fine summer and I don't hear much complaining about the heat. We are just thankful for the showers. Don't know what I'd do though, without iced tea. Wednesday, on our way down to the City Café, we met Carol Jacobs who wanted to know where we were going. I mentioned the City Café and she said, "Yeah, they have the best iced tea."

    Stay cool, drink lots of tea and call 794-2066 sometimes soon.

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    Do you mean Tony Whitman?

    His father is actor Stuart Whitman. He has a BFA from California Institute of the Arts / Film '76. Happily married for thirty years, a passion for large format photography and silver printing, also artist making paintings and assemblages, in-between keying films, commercials and television shows.

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