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How can I contact Bill Gates?

Is there any way to contact Bill Gates personally and ask him questions? I mean there has to be a phone number that he answers or something.

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    He, like any other famous person, won't have a listed number. Or if it is a listed number, it's a huge machine that can store lots of messages and he pays someone to go through them, filter them, and give him the messages that they think he will think is important to respond to.

    Everyone wants to call rich people to ask them for money. I mean, think about it, even us poor people get hit up all the time from telemarketers!

    There are only two ways you can contact Bill Gates...maybe 3 but the third is somewhat illegal.

    1) Cleverly email or call him (which will get filtered) in such a way that the filterer will forward it on to him.

    2) Find someone that knows him personally, and convince them to let you contact him.

    3) Stalk him and find out his personal number or email. This will require some technical devices...this is the illegal one.

    So in conclusion, there really is no way for us common folk to contact Bill Gates.

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    you would not be able to email him. He has an entire department devoted to reaching and sifting his emails. if you write him, then you will have another department replying back for him. No way will you get a direct line for him for phone calls but unless you can hack into the cellular phone database which he uses and get his private number. My idea is to find out where a close relative lives and send the questions to them and they will call or deliver them thinking they are important.

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    "Interesting question. I'd say google for his publicist, but that'd be a waste of time....instead....find out about one of the projects he's involved in and work you're way in as close as possible until he makes a public appearance...another way is to become involved with the Media around his local area...I believe he lives in Washington."

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    Install an illegal, pirated copy of Windows XP, then activate and update it. Distribute it to all of your friends and on p2p networks. Bill will then contact you himself.

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    Write him:



    REDMOND, WA 98052

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    Actually I bet that probably works.

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    I seriously doubt it.

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    Yes I am here ......! Ask me what....? he he he just joking pls dont mind

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    email him.

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