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Do you know something about Bulgarian football teams?Would you like to know more?

I'm from Bulgaria. I would like to know if you know something about our football. Have you heard of Pfc LEVSKI Sofia or other Bulgarian team? Which Bulgarian football players do you know?

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    BULGARIA has appeared in 7 world cup finals (1962,1966,1970,1974,1986,1994,1998). Their best performances in the World Cup was in 1994 when they finished 4th place in United States, losing to SWEDEN 4-0. Prior to the 1994 finals, BULGARIA has never won a match in the finals until they beat GREECE, ARGENTINA & GERMANY to qualify for the semi-final. GERMANY was the defending champions at that time!

    Apart from the world cup finals, BULGARIA also qualify for the European Championship finals in 1996 & 2004, but they were eliminated in the first round in both occassion.

    BULGARIA have played in the Summer Olympics football tournament, winning the silver medal in 1968 & bronze medal in 1956.

    The famous players from the past are Hristo Stoichkov, Daniel Borimirov, Yordan Lechkov, Krassimir Balakov, Emil Kostadinov & Nasko Sirakov. The leading clubs in BULGARIA are Levski Sofia, CSKA Sofia & Lokomotiv Plovdiv.

    Hristo Stoichkov in the only Bulgarian player to have won the 1994 European Footballer Of The Year & currently the national team coach.

    World Cup record:

    1930 - Did not enter

    1934 - Withdrew during qualifying

    1938 - Did not qualify

    1950 - Did not enter

    1954 - Did not qualify

    1958 - Did not qualify

    1962 - 1st round

    1966 - 1st round

    1970 - 1st round

    1974 - 1st round

    1978 - Did not qualify

    1982 - Did not qualify

    1986 - round of 16

    1990 - Did not qualify

    1994 - Fourth place

    1998 - 1st round

    2002 - Did not qualify

    2006 - Did not qualify

    European Championship record:

    1960 - Did not qualify

    1964 - Did not qualify

    1968 - Did not qualify

    1972 - Did not qualify

    1976 - Did not qualify

    1980 - Did not qualify

    1984 - Did not qualify

    1988 - Did not qualify

    1992 - Did not qualify

    1996 - 1st round

    2000 - Did not qualify

    2004 - 1st round

    record statistic in the World Cup finals:

    finals appearance : 7

    matches played : 26

    won : 3

    draw : 8

    lose : 15

    goals scored : 22

    goal conceded : 53

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