How do I find info re: a Hurley State Bank that is suppose to have taken bankrupcy.?

This bank was used by Gateway Computer company to finance the purchase of their computers. It was my understanding that the bank is now defunct and did not pay off their debts. I would like to find any information as to the validity of what I was told.

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    (605) 335-4015

    811 E. 10th St.

    Sioux Falls South Dakota


    Every search I didn brought this name and location up for that bank. They also have a law suit pending against them

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    Garrett v. Hurley State Bank

    In the Garrett v. Hurley State Bank case, Hilsoft Notifications was asked to study methods and procedures to modify credit card member agreements with respect to an implementation of the arbitration language, and provide an opinion on the communication factors involved with such Notice. In forming our opinion, we took into account the guiding principles for communication that the Supreme Court laid out with respect to due process, and which Hilsoft Notifications has studied in depth, and Mr. Hilsee has testified about and been qualified as expert in regards to.


    Source(s): go to and view all the complaints against them.
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    Hurley State Bank

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