What Jobs are available for an associates degree in finance, or accounting?

what pays the best, and also for those with experiance out there what did you enjoy the most. Im getting out of the military in 2 years, and want to do something in those feilds to support my family. so any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    The U.S. Treasury Dept.- more specifically- Internal Revenue Service. With your degree and extra points for service in the military,- you would most certainly be a highly qualified candidate for the Service, in a variety of departments: Taxpayer Service, Examiner, Revenue Agent, Collections, or Internal Investigators. I urge you to contact Civil Service and apply- Benefits are terrific- and you're always given priority to bid on higher grade positions. Good Luck! I retired 5 years ago after 22 years, and my retirement benefits are superior to Social Security benefits, paid up life insurance, plus Health Insurance can be continued at the same rate as those still employed.

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    If you really want to spend time with your family and work in a industry, what about a home business? I have an opportunity that you and or your wife could start while you are still in the military and start collecting money now, then continue once out. Email me and let me know!

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    free lance accounting (working for different individuals or organizations for a fee) would be the best choice. but before you could do that you need to pass an exam and gain experience. for the mean time the best work experience would be to work for auditing firms or for banks.

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    you will need to pass a CPA exam to become an accountant which requires a bachelors degree

    you may want to persue your bachelors and the your MBA for a career in finance

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    working as a cashier as K-Mart!

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