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Why do dogs enjoy playing "fetch" so much? Why that particular activity?

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    playing fetch is generally enjoyed by breeds that were bred to be "retrievers", or hunting dogs, because they were bred to chase after game (animals) or some breeds like labradors like it because they were bred to retrieve water birds from the water after their owner had shot a bird down and then the dog was supposed to bring the bird to their owner.

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    Not all dogs do. My dog would rather sleep or eat than do anything. Are you playing other games besides "fetch" with your dog??

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    Most dogs have to be taught how to play fetch even retreiver types. I think for my dog it's the chase. She even loves sniffing it out when she's lost it.

  • My dog luvs to run and hunt....even now he is bringing the ball to play "fetch"...i get tired throwing it tho...he never gets tired at all....he plays that day and night! But itz soooooooooooo cute

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    I believe my dogs like to play fetch (not for long) because they like to bring me things for it appears to please me. But most of the time, they would rather fetch it and play tag with me and eachother. (I have 3 dogs)

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    Dogs love ANY type of game they can play with their human, and it is easy for dogs to teach humans to throw things for them if they bring the item back each time.

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    well my dog hates fetch she hates the ball but it depends on three things...

    1. personality

    2. habbits

    3. how much activity do they usually do ?

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    well dogs are smart but they dont have thumbs so im guessing they invented a game thats better then just sitting on there butt all day. I mean if you were a dog and you were left outside...well yeah it'd be boreing

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    For centuries dogs have been taught to retrieve things like animals or messages for the government, so its possible that they have retained that knowledge.Also they think their pleasing you.

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    i have no idea i have the same problem and it is usually late at night in the house never during the day outside always inside late at night..

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