Where are all the Toads in the game Super Princess Peach level 2-3?

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    GameFAQs.com usually has the answer. In dmon2's words:

    Almost immediately you will see a Glad Piranha Plant. It's orange, floats up

    and down, and spews the occasional fireball. Whack it to defeat it.

    Continue all the way right, killing Piranha Plants and avoiding spikes along

    the way. When you get to the end, backtrack to the pipe that is stuck in the

    ground and use Joy to get to the platform above. Move across the moving

    platforms and go up the pipe at the end.

    Slide under the wall and work your way around to the first Toad. Slide under

    the wall again and exit this area. Drop to your right and enter the pipe.

    To get the coins in the little alcove, jump as you slide down the hill. Fall

    down the hole and use Gloom on the water wheel. Go left and down the pipe to go

    back to the beginning.

    Remember the pipe that was stuck in the ground? It's not stuck anymore.

    Backtrack to this spot and enter the pipe. In this area, wind will blow to the

    left, hindering your running speed. You will see Banzai Bills flying around,

    but they can be quickly defeated with a whack or jump. You can scoop them, too.

    The second Toad lies at the end. Now you can progress again.

    Back in the area with the water wheel, instead jump over the hole so you don't

    fall down again. Go up the hill and jump up and right. Continue right and drop

    down for Puzzle A Piece 10. Get back up, then go up and left for some coins.

    Head right to exit this area.

    Gee, more wind. Bust open the blue hovering thing. Work your way to the right.

    A Volcano Plant spits fire from above, so be wary. the Mad Paratroopas aren't

    affected by the wind, so keep that in mind. Continue on the path until you get

    to the end. Go up the ladder and now go left across the upper path. Down the

    pipe you go.

    Use Joy on the windmill blades to spin them. Slide down the hill to enable you

    to jump to the final Toad. Level exit dead ahead.

    Hope this helps.


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