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I love comedy and kids movies... What are some of your favourites?

I'm looking for recomendations of ones I might not have seen. I love the Shrek movies, Hoodwinked, Aladdin, Dudley Do Right, George of the Jungle, The Knight's Tale, Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons, The Muppet Show (or Muppet anything for that matter), Princess Bride, South Park,... You get the idea, I'm sure.....

So what are some of your favs?


Apparently I have quite the video collection.... Have Ice Age, The Incredibles, Robots, Emperors New Groove, Mr Deeds, The Whole 9 Yards, all classic Disney,...

More suggestions?

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    Kids movies:

    Milo and Otis

    The Indian in the Cupboard

    Mary Poppins

    the original Parent Trap

    Spy Kids

    the Witches-Anjelica Houston

    Hocus Pocus

    the Incredibles

    Iron Giant


    Finding Nemo

    Never-ending Story

    Return to Oz

    Dark Crystal

    Escape to Witch Mountain

    A Little Princess (1995) not the Shirly Temple one

    and many many more....

    Comedies I love:

    Foul Play

    Young Frankenstein

    High Anxiety

    Whats up Doc


    Blazing Saddles


    Freaky Friday with Lindsy Lohan Jamie Lee Curtis

    Bring It On

    Team America

    Fever Pitch


    Down with Love

    ...and again many many more

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    2000 Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman fowl Run Dinosaur Digimon: The movie Emperor's New Groove, The How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Little Vampire My dogs bypass Olive, the different Reindeer Pokemon: The movie 2000 Rugrats In Paris Thomas and the Magic Railroad Pokemon Mewtwo Returns 2001 Atlantis: The lost Empire Cats and dogs Harry Potter and the logician's Stone Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Monsters, Inc. Pokémon 3: The movie The Princess Diaries See Spot Run Shrek lively Away undercover agent little ones Voyage of the Unicorn 2002 Pokemon 4Ever huge fat Liar Cat Returns, the country Bears, The Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets and techniques Ice Age Lilo & stitch Pinocchio Santa Clause 2, The Scooby-Doo Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron undercover agent little ones 2: The Island of lost desires Tuck eternal The Wild Thornberrys movie Thomas & acquaintances 2003 Agent Cody Banks Brother submit to more cost-effective by using the Dozen Dr. Seuss' The Cat interior the Hat searching Nemo Freaky Friday The Haunted Mansion Holes Kangaroo Jack The Lizzie McGuire movie Peter Pan Pokémon Heroes Rugrats bypass Wild Secondhand Lions undercover agent little ones three-D: interest Over 2004 around the realm in 80 Days Ella Enchanted Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban domicile on the determination Incredibles, The Lemony Snicket's a collection of unlucky activities Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Shark tale Shrek 2 Sleepover Yu-Gi-Oh! The movie: Pyramid of light Pokemon: Jirachi Wishmaker Pokemon: destiny Deoxys 2005 Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in three-D, The Charlie and the Chocolate production unit The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the cloth wardrobe Duma tremendous Yokai warfare, The Madagascar Magic Roundabout, The Nanny McPhee Racing Stripes Sky extreme Valiant Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the were-Rabbit Zathura Pokemon Lucario and the secret of Mew fowl Little Ice Princess Herbie completely Loaded 2006 Arthur and the Minimoys Barnyard autos Charlotte's information superhighway Curious George Eragon (movie) Flushed Away satisfied ft extreme college Musical a thanks to eat Fried Worms Ice Age: The Meltdown Monster domicile evening on the Museum Open Season Over the Hedge Santa Clause 3: The wreck out Clause, The Shaggy dogs, The Wild, The Zoom 2007 Alvin and the Chipmunks Bridge to Terabithia Enchanted Firehouse dogs fortuitously N'Ever After extreme college Musical 2 The very last Mimzy Meet the Robinsons Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the sea Ratatouille Shrek the third Stardust 2008 Madagascar 2 Wall-E domicile of Mouse The movie The Prince of Heroes The Cat three-D

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    The Sponge Bob Movie, both Garfield movies, Aristocats As for comedy, I like The Whole 9 Yards, The Whole 10 Yards, The Waterboy.

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    There are so many to choose from. Rocketman, any of the Disney animated movies like Sinbad or The Road to El Dorado. Family Video has a free kids section. Maybe Blockbuster and other video chains offer free kids movies too. Check out your nearest video rental store....

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    Spirited Away


    Whale Rider

    Christmas Story


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    Finding Nemo

    The Incredibles


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    All the Clasical ones. Like Cinderrella, Beauty and the beast, Snow White, etc

    I also like Finding Nemo.

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    You should watch family guy ,the boondocks,eurotrip, road trip, not another teen movie.All these shows and movies will give you a chuckle that will make you cluck around your room like a chicken.

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    The Incredibles is very funny. Ice Age is hilarious too.

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    The Incredibles- fun for the whole family

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