I took a career assesment test, told me i would be good at health,personal, and public service any job advice?

The test said my interest points to health service, public service, and social services. I really could use some advice regarding a rewarding career based on these results. When i go to college i want to give it my all, not aimlessly taking classes. thanks

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    I took a career assessment and they told me I should be a garbage truck driver. I chose accounting instead. It smells better.

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    While these tests can be utilized as a career indicator, I urge you to take the results with a grain of salt. When I took such a test, I was determined to become a pharmacist while the test indicated I should be in business. After three years of pharmacy school, I ended up in advertising. So the test was right for me.

    A friend of mine took the same test and was set on being a history teacher but the test indicated she should be a secretary. She's been a history teacher for 8 years and loves her job.

    As for advice, keep an open mind in whatever you decide to pursue. If you find you don't like it once you're in the program, change. Don't tie yourself to something for the rest of your life that you don't like!

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    ok, i dunno if this is going which could help you, yet i took one at school two times. once in highschool and once in college. It changed into loose there. yet i do not comprehend of any on line ones. i tried the hyperlink relatives god despatched you, and it advised me that i changed into an inventive human being. My tiers and ability is in the sciences. Be very WEARY!!!! you've been warned. those pple (on the web web site) are merely attempting to get pple to enroll of their stuff. bypass to a specialist someplace. a college ought to do it for loose. reliable success

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    Paramedics only need two semesters of school, perhaps you could use this to step up to other levels of the medical industry

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    1 decade ago

    If you have good enough grades, you should just go ahead and try for med school. What's stopping you?

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    1 decade ago

    career tests should be taken very carefully. this by one who makes it.

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