Does anyone know what happened to an Arizona model/actress by the name of Jennie E. Epstein, aka Kensington?

She's now living in Hollywood, but apparently hasn't made any films yet...


She's now in Hollywood, but hasn't been in any movies yet...

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  • JoYbOy
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    One of her movies called Psyco Mano is coming out this year

    Psycho Manor (2006) (V) (post-production) .... Rose

    The Slick White Rabbit (2005) .... Door Mouse

    666: The Demon Child (2004) (V) .... Jackie

    Creep (2004/II) .... Lucy

    Thanatos Road (2004) .... Stacy Willows

    The Banished (2004) (as Jennie Ella Epstein) .... The Girl

    Wormwood (2001) .... Selma/Bronson #3

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