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My apartment just flooded. Mostly just the carpet was soaked. How do I get rid of the rank musty smell?

I've been using a wet/dry vac to mop up most of the water - but the smell remains. Gross!! :(

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    Sorry to hear that. You will need to get that padding and carpet out of there. That is really the only way. Once the carpet and padding have been removed, clean the cement with a bleach and water mixture.

    Talk to the apartment maintenance.

    Good Luck

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    Yep, time to replace it.

    Did your apartment flood b/c of Mother Nature or something outof your control?- call management- tell them what you've done to try to take care of the problem and that the smell isn't going away, and that the carpet (and pad!!) needs replaced.

    If the flooding is your own doing (bad waterbed mattress, broken fish tank, etc), call management, tell them all of the above, and ask how much it will cost to get the carpet and pad replaced. See if it can be paid in installments tacked onto your rent.... They may even let you pick the new carpet!

    In the meantime-

    1) Try some baking soda- it's pretty good at absorbing odors. I use it to take care of dog "accidents" when they happen on my carpet. Sprinkle it on the carpet and let it sit for a while- depending on how wet the carpet is... then vacuum. Just don't walk on the bakingsoda before you vacuum- it can pack into the carpet and just make things worse.

    2) Another idea- run your AC all day to dry the air (and the carpet) or set a fan on the floor to dry things out.

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    Get the fabreeze air outcomes that plug into the wall. they have one it quite is meant to not in ordinary words make the room scent reliable yet attack micro organism, its Orange. My sons room continually smelled like a foot, and that is what I put in there it fairly works reliable. also possibly scent the carpet once you've any, if so ought to guage steam cleansing it. Carpet can get musty or perhaps mould scent. do not use the powder carpet stuff, all it does is sink down into the rug and create airborne dirt and dust kind allergies. reliable success and not in any respect some thing incorrect with being a sparkling guy

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    Keep using the wet/vac a couple of times a day and rent a carpet fan to dry the carpet. After you get your carpet dry, you'll want to wait a couple of weeks and then steam clean it or have it steam cleaned. If you do not do these things, the ODOR WILL ALWAYS BE PRESENT! Tke it from experience on my part!

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    Get rid of the carpet, clean floor with ammonia water & let dry completely

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    the pad is like a sponge remove and replace

    while pad is out rent carpet drying fans leave for at least two days to dry completly make sure air is going under cpt. have pro reinstall flooring and have cpts cleaned and deoderized

    if not completly dry mold spores can grow and make you life threatningly ill

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    Open the windows. Talk to your apartment manager and ask about replacing the carpet. Whatever you do, don't use any spray air fresheners! It will only make it worse.

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    no matter how hard you try YOU wont be able to get the smell out. You need to contact a professional company that does insurance repair work and specialize in this type of work.

    If you live in the Detroit area contact me...I know a good company to refer

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    That's probably mildew.

    The carpet may be ruined.

    here are a bunch of sites that say they can fix it, or tell you how to fix it yourself.

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    impossible, get new carpet and pad.

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