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Is United Nation Security Council really necessary?Way couple of countries are behaving?

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    China and Russia have done their damndest to make the UN obsolete. France and Germany are just as guilty because of their non-productive efforts, just a short time ago. It appears that most countries are dumping money into a black hole.

    Maybe it's time to reconsider the UN in its present form. I dread to think of what the world would be like without the ability of nation to come together, to work out their problems. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer problems are worked out, because of the manipulation of just a few.

    The problems with the UN remind me of the judicial system in the US. You know, the OJ Simpson fiasco. Perhaps this veto power thing needs to be looked at more closely. Why do we let the two biggest threats to mankind (Russia & China) manipulate the whole process. It's time we sh it or get off the pot.

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    You must remember that the UN is a communist organization and has been since it was founded in 1947 or 1949 I can't remember which.

    Anything they do they believe is necessary for the continued control of the world. they will be the headquarters for the one world government.

    Stop and think...has the UN building in NY ever been attacked as the twin towers have twice. It is because they pull many of the strings that goes on. They are controlled by the Illuminati. If you do not know who or what the Illuminati is then study and find out.

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    Shame on Americans that think that they are superior to the UN Security Council!

    You Americans are getting dangerous.

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    like the UN the security council is as usless as the league of nations was.

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    Well if we ever had a credible results out of them I would say yes, but the UN is pretty much useless.

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    The UN is not necessary.

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    UN isn't helpful anymore, it used to be but now, it's pointless.

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