What is Fouke vs. The State of Texas?

Case Law/may have something to do with convictions

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you have access to LexisNexis? If you do, you can look there, if not I can't give you the link unless your registered. If you want me to paste the case I will, but here's what was stated under the first opinion line:

    This is an attempted appeal from a conviction for resisting arrest; the punishment assessed by a jury is a fine of $25.00.

    and at the end:

    It is true and we recognize that some collateral legal consequences are present in any criminal conviction, but here they are minimal. The benefits of the traditional rule as applied in misdemeanor convictions when fines are voluntarily paid is sufficient for us to refuse to overrule our prior cases; that rule has a salutary effect of ending litigation and avoiding the necessity for advisory opinions.

    The appeal is dismissed.

    Opinion approved by the Court.

    Hope that helps.

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