Why do women think men can "read" their minds?

Guys already know what I'm talking about, women expect the guy to automatically understand what they want or what they want done. Nobody can read minds, so why won't women just tell us what exactly they want. Is it too complicated of an answer. Or is it women can rationalize an irrational concept so they get mad at us guys?

Don't be mean about it, I really want to know.

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    I dunno..good question. Sometimes I think part of the problem lies in the way us women were raised with all the fairy tales and crap..it's a lot to try to measure up to..coupled with the fact that prince charming always knows what to do and say!!haha...I think some women don't want to say anything because they fear that it will not be taken well by the guy. I personally learned to flat out say what I want and then be prepared to deal with whether or not the man can do it. I guess I didnt help much..sorry

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    I can't really speak for myself because I don't expect any guy to "read" my mind. I think the problem here is that women would like men to "gentlemen",for lack of a better term. Some women would like men to understand how they feel by simply telling them. Others just wait and see if what they want will actually happen; maybe those women just expect men to be considerate. I also think that some women just like to see what their man would do for them. If not any of these reasons, maybe the woman is shy. I don't think this is the best answer, but this is just what I think from a woman's view-point.

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    As a man, I try to read the signs, though some of them are not as apparent as women "think" they are. I've misread signs plenty of times, so it kinda makes me leery of subtle hints. But, what I can say is that if women want men to be open, and talk, then they should take the same approach.

    It's kind of a double standard and a double duty on man simply because men sometimes have to "play sudoku", and they have to learn to "pour out" their own thoughts. So they have to "double-cater" to their women. Personally, I'll do what's necessary, but generally speaking, it is a two headed coin.

    If men passed subtle hints, would a woman try to figure it out, or complain about not being a mind reader??

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    Well, sometimes it is hard to say the thing you feel, but they are so strong you feel like everyone can see how you feel. Okay, that was confusing. What I'm trying to say is that we know what we are feeling, so we think others can tell. I just recently realized how oblivious to situations guys are, so I will try to just say what I mean now. Girls are a lot better at picking up signals than guys are, so we expect it and then guys disappoint us. Sorry, just the way it is.

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    i don't think we believe that ya'll can read minds what i think women believe is that all signs and signals that we give out to guys are very clear and ya'll as men should "GET IT"...

    But what we as women don't get is that a guy does need to be told exactly what we think and what we want...

    Hope this helps you and all guys to better understand somewhat!!!!

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