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are you with or against nuclear_weapon free zone treaty?

this treaty is aplied to antracta,latin AMERICA,deep sea & ocean lands,middle Europe , balkan,africa,south ashia& middle east ...& some other places..

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    nuclear weapons are used as a pressure weapon, most countries who have this weapon don't use it.. but they use it as a pressure strategy to gain certain benefits.. on the economic level mainly.. so that's why some other countries are working their best to gain this technology.. and i believe they have the right to do this.. to protect them self, their land, their belief system, and their cultural values..

    the problem for us -as middle Easterners- that we don't share these things with the western culture.. so i think it is our duty to have this technology.. and there is no shame in that..

    the probelm is in the double standard that the western treat this problem.. when they call N.Korea, iran, syria as axis of evil.. actualy they refer to the evil in their heads.. i dont believe in absolute evil or absolute good -i mean in human kind-.. it is a conflict in the benefits..

    i had a discussion with some one about Pakistan nuclear weapon tests.. he said that those ppl are to willing to distroy the world with this weapon.. i told him they are working hard to gain nuclear weapon technology to defend themselves from India nuclear weapon technology.. and then guess what he did say..!!! he said : did they use it?!!!!!.. it is a double standard idealogy ppl work through to set their own realities and force other nations into that regardless thier culture or set of values..

    referring to your question.. i think it is ridicules to talk about nuclear-weapon free zone treaty, while the countries who have these weapon technology ALSO have long-distance missiles that can go for 1000's of miles to reach its target.. so when you sign one of them, you are just serrundering and giving up your culture..

    last thing to add: the US army invaded Iraq because they DONT have any nuclear weapon technology.. but they are thinking millions of times about N.Korea.... why is that?

    if you look back to our own history, you will see that the amrican threatened Egypt by using necluear weapon if Egyptian army attacked the progress of the israeli army in the west bank of suiz canal during war 1973... -el saghra-... this was to keep a stratigical benefit for the israeli to keep it as advantage point in future nogtiations..

    these were facts from the very near history

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    the u n fortunate part of this treaty is that countries like n.korea wont play according to the rules.. It idealically would be great for the whole world to run homes and business on total renewable energy and have no nukes- wepon or generator.. But that wont be happening.. The nuclear energy now is the best source of electricity, and i see no reason to withhold that from any country.. The Problem with the treaty is it doesn't cover the whole world, and , ,,Suppose the sane countries all discard thier nukes: Do you think that Iran , N.Korea , etc will do the same.. Nope! not on your life! As soon as the rest of the world is unarmed, they will come after total domination, and total annhilation of Isreal. The problem is not who has what wepons, it is whether they are proven sane enough to handle that kind of power.. President Bush was right to name Iraq,Iran, and N.Korea "the axis of evil", and they just cannot be trusted.. The entire world is safe because some sane countries do have the "bomb"..

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    yea it'll be great only if it worked for all those countries but unfortunately there are countries that wont give up their nuclear deffence system

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