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Flying the Kennedy VFR corridor on july 4th?

Hi im a student pilot who would like to fly the Kennedy class B VFR corridor on the forth of July, has anybody flown it and does anybody have some more information on it? I would like to fly it first during the day (some time very soon) then at night to watch the fireworks show. I will have my Private license by that time so an endorsment wont be needed... Can anybody help me?


you can fly at night with tht normal PPL and there is a VFR corridor over the hudson river from 1100 msl to ground

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    I'm speaking from an Australian perspective but I've flown VFR corridors here - so I might be able to help.

    Firstly...see if you can find a chart that clearly outlines the corridor itself, against CTA boundaries and landmarks. Identify key, unique landmarks - and evaluate where you should be in relation to them.

    If you are flying by night, you may have to refer to navaids just for backup - do you need a night rating in the US or is that covered by the PPL?

    See if you can identify, say, a VOR or NDB you can straight-line track on. Though you'll need your head outside for VFR traffic avoidance and primary navigation - the navaids, when used properly, won't lie - they show when you're in the wrong place.

    See if you can make sure too with a local briefing office that there won't be any restricted or danger zones activated for the fireworks too...

    Sorry I couldn't be more specific, just speaking from my own practice in VFR corridors and my own planning!

    Good luck :-)

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    First off .. there is no Corridor thru Class B over JFK, not since 9/11 I believe. second, unless you have a endorsement, you can not enter Class Bravo, solo. the only passage way thru is up the Hudson. but its not a corridor, since its where Rotor wings operate.

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