Favorite two-person board game?

Husband and I love board games, but most aren't a lot of fun for only two people. Love to hear your favorites.

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    Although it is not specifically 2-player, my wife and I enjoy playing Empire Builder. We are also very partial to the games in the Mystery Rummy series. I prefer Jack the Ripper while she prefers Murders in the Rue Morgue. We've also been known to play our share of cribbage and backgammon. While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and second (or third) the suggestion of Lost Cities mentioned already.

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    Good Two Person Board Games

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    Trivial Pursuit



    Connect 4




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    Let me offer a few less common board games that are incredible for two players. Some of which are also very fun with more than two players:

    Lost Cities - a card game where you choose carefully which explorations you want to invest in.

    Carcassonne - a tile drawing game where you build roads, cities, farms.

    Ticket To Ride - three different versions - collect cards, build train routes across different maps.

    Transamerica - another train game, this one slightly simpler, connect a set of cities, one in each region.

    All of these play under 1 hour with two players, some play even faster. And they have much more replay value than most games.

    I also will second the recommendations for Chess, Scrabble and Backgammon.

    --Jeff Abramson, co-owner Rainy Day Games, Aloha OR

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    Favorite two-person board game?

    Husband and I love board games, but most aren't a lot of fun for only two people. Love to hear your favorites.

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    Even though Jeff might sound like he's trying to sell you stuff because he owns a game store, he's right. I was going to say Lost Cities anyway, but his other suggestions are also good. There is a series of 2-player games by a company called Kosmos (one of which is Lost Cities). Some of the other games in that series are Kahuna, Tally Ho, Babel, FlowerPower and the Settlers of Catan card game, all of which I enjoy. You can get them at any online game store (Funagain, Rainy Day, Boulder Games, Timewellspent, Fairplay and probably even Amazon).

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    Shogi, get a board in English although the Japanese characters seem to come very very quickly to everyone's surprise. It is like chess but more dynamic. Captured pieces switch sides.

    Checkers are fun.

    My wife loves backgammon.

    Pass the Pigs.

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    Scrabble is great with two people. Not only can you put your thinking cap on, but you can make your own rules along the way to make the game fun for a couple.

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    I don't play many board games but I love to play phase 10 with my bf..because I always win lol.

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