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What instrument do you play?

I've been playing the Clarinet for 6 years now. (I was 10 when I started) What do you play and how long have you been playing it?

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    I play the flute. I have played it for 10 years.

    My band teacher froma long time ago used to play the trumpet. When I met him in 4th grade that was his 40th anniversary of playing the trumpet. That really motivated me!

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    Clarinet for 10 years, Flute for 6 years, Alto Sax for 3 years :)

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    Started playing saxophone when I was in 5th grade, in 10th grade I started playing the drum set. When I graduated high school, I learned how to play guitar, bass guitar, and eventually piano. My main instrument that I play now is the bass guitar, and I've been playing it for over 25 years.........

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    Played trumpet for 8 years and quit. Now I play guitar.

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    Violin - going on eleven years in the fall <3

    Alto Sax - going on seven years in the fall <3

    Piano - going on about three years in the fall... with three years separating the first two and the now...

    Flute - played for one year

    Guitar - like.. a month.. not even<3

    Bass Ukulele - a little longer than guitar...<3

    i love my violin... although i wouldn't mind getting my hands on a strad or one of nicolo amati's

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    I can play the radio, the cd player, and the iPod.

    My daughter has the talent in our family:

    Piano-10 years

    Clarinet-5 years

    Violin-5 years

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    Guitar for 1 year

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    I play Drums, Bass, Guitar and im getting better at Piano.

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    I play the drums and the piano. I have been playing them for about two years.

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    NONE! I was never good with instruments and Band at school is really a code name for "geeks"! But I love music, good luck with all that though!!!

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