#1 Beatle songs...Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!?

No transferred text will be read. Thanks.These are a bit difficult. Better grab a 50+ year old to help you!

1. In what VERY early Beatle recording can you hear them one of them sing the wrong words? (It's only a few words, but it is noticeable.)

2. Name a song that has in it's title, 3 different places?

3.In what song of George, does John play slide guitar?

4. Can you name 4 one word titled songs?

5. In what movie does Paul appear later than the other three,wearing a fake mustach?

6. What movie did John appear in, while still a Beatle?

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    1.....it's John, in "Please, Please Me"

    2....."Here, There, Everywhere"

    3....."For You Blue"

    4....."Taxman", "Something", "Piggies", and "Revolution"

    5....."A Hard Day's Night"

    6....."How I Won The War"

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    1. Tuff question...but the one miscue I can think of, is off "She Loves You"

    2. Here, There, and Everywhere

    3. For You Blue

    4. Help, Misery, Rain, Girl

    5. A Hard Days Night

    6. How I Won The War

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    3. I think it's Help!

    4.Yesterday, Blackbird, Michelle, Girl

    5 and 6. A Hard Day's Night

  • wilder
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    4 years ago

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  • Bobby
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    1 decade ago

    pretty obscure stuff!!--good questions---how i won the war ---hard days night (moustach)--here--there and every where-----i,ll think more and get back to ya on the rest---great questions!!!---the slide one go something like---because your sweet and lovely girl--i love you---something like that---play 4th and 12 bar blues---go johnny go!!!

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