What am I missing with this Bill Gates thing is saving all the children.?

Most of these people have had 10 or more kids and true more than 1/2 have died but to save the other 1/2 so they can produce another 10 just seems counterproductive.

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  • Lou
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    1 decade ago
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    Saving all people whether old, young, or kids is important.

    Can say the most important is curtaining how many children these undernourished starving adults have in the 3rd world countries. Never have really understood how a starving person can even think about sex. And they have to know they will have to go through the pain of watching most of their children die from hunger and disease. I don't understand that mentality. People can survive without sex. It is not like air or water. Something our body has to have to continue to live.

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    What is counterproductive is the Presidents of some of these countries --especially in some areas of Africa were HIV/AIDS is high, some Presidents think if a man infected with HIV has sex with a virgin then he'll be cured -- yeah right! Many of these children have become orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, drought, and ethnic cleansing --just to name a few. Therefore, Gates evidently feel a calling on his life to help these people. He did use a biblical saying that "to whom much is given, much is required."

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    It's hard to evaluate your question. When you say "counterproductive," it sounds like you have in mind some universal goal of life. What is it?

    Killing people or letting them die could solve all kinds of problems. What is it exactly you are going for?

    In all events, no child is responsible for being born. It seems like curtailing misery and death among children is as good a goal as any I've heard lately.

  • Ahmad
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    1 decade ago

    what you mean

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