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what are some example of click and mortar e-commerce business here in the philippines?

all about business with a click and mortar e-commerce here in the philippines.

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    The following articles from adnetasia and Touch Media Philippines illustrate some:

    MANILA--Burn rates will continue to be high for dot-com companies built on "click-and-mortar" blueprints, without physical brand names and suitable business models, said Headstrong (formerly james martin+co) chief of operations for Asia Pacific, Kevin Taylor.

    "Sure, their ideas sell in the first few months and capital infusions from investors are surprisingly large, but sustaining the dot-com firm alive is another question. Without a base office that will serve as its major financier, even the most high-flying dot-coms will surely burn out," Taylor said.

    Asked if dot-com companies in the Philippines will survive the fallout, Taylor said that perhaps only a tenth of these dot-coms would survive.


    "The same goes for any country where the dotcom business is booming. For now, we see a phase where economies are culling out wasteful dotcoms, and allowing others with good business models to survive," he noted.

    Taylor further noted that the problem with many companies is their lack of investment in change. He added that Asian economy, in general, is suffering from tactical and logistical problems.

    "This poses a problem for companies that are supposed to have rock solid foundations. Without diversifying and integrating their industry into the digital age, they will always be hounded by the headaches," he said.



    Kiosk technology is one of the many emerging technologies in the world today. In the Philippines, it is being pioneered by TouchMedia Phils. Inc. (TMP), which has already installed over 100 kiosks nationwide.

    Despite the low awareness on kiosk systems, the kiosk technology promises an infrastructure of public access terminals that serves as another channel of information and interaction. Kiosk machines are self-service delivery machines used to facilitate faster and more convenient attendant-free information and transactions. According to TMP Managing Director Ado Cuenca, "TMP envisions a network of kiosks wherein various consumer-based transactions can be made in strategic public access points nationwide and eventually in countries where significant numbers of Filipinos reside and work."

    Started commercial operations last 1998, TouchMedia Phils. Inc. initially became the sole distributor of Elo touchscreens in the Philippines in agreement with TouchMedia Singapore and Elo Touchsystems, USA. Eventually, TMP became a systems integrator for self-service delivery solutions, a kiosk company, with the combination of superior hardware integration skills and software engineering teams.

    Today, TMP's core competency lies in transaction-based kiosks. Its flagship product, the FlashPay Touch Payment Stations (TPS), has been a significant partner of major banks and telco companies for two years now. The TPS accepts both cash and check payments for single or multiple accounts of billing companies. This machine takes the job of one bank teller and becomes a click-and-mortar branch minus the large operating and capital expenses. With a transaction lasting for only 30 seconds to two minutes, the TPS can accommodate over 240 transactions in 8 hours. Moreover, with TPS' reliable hardware set-up and 24 x 7 technical support, maintenance of the machine is also kept at a minimum.

    TMP plans to roll out its innovative products that will popularize and really make kiosk technology a part of the Flipinos' daily living. Among these are the BrowsXpress Infoweb kiosk, Merlin prepaid appliance, Online Remittance Kiosk, it@ps e-commerce kiosk and the CD Kiosk.

    TMP's list of its valued clientele for its kiosks and touchscreen products include PLDT, RCBC, Globe Telecoms, Smart Communications, Standard Chartered Bank and Global Bank among others.

    TouchMedia Phils. Inc. is located at Suite 1102 139 Corporate Center, 139 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. For further information, please contact 632-8943227 or 632-8177856, or e-mail

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  • 1 decade ago

    Smetrix (pronounced Es"met*rix) B2B e-trade finance clearing house.

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