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biography or any info. bout estrella alfon.?

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    Snippets from here and there :

    Estrella Alfon (1917-1983) was the only one of the filipino authors of that period who did not come from the intelligentsia, but was a daughter of a store keeper from Cebu island. Also she was the last of the well known writers with an agrarian background.

    A member of the U.P. Writers Club, she held the National Fellowship in Fiction post at the U.P. Creative Writing Center in 1979.

    She belonged to a young writers' group called the Veronicans, organized by amongst others, Hernando Ruiz Ocampo, and which included Francisco Arcellana, N.V.M. Gonzalez, Manuel Viray and Angel G. de Jesus.

    The Wikipedia doesn't have much on her.

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