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how did kevin carroll from maine recently die?

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    From Wikipedia:

    Kevin Carroll is an ex-DEA agent and mercenary, played by Richard Burgi, from the first season of 24. While working as a DEA agent in Florida, he had one troublesome witness eliminated within twelve hours of receiving the notice. Two years prior to Day 1, he had federal narcotics charges against Dan Mounts and Greg Penticoff dropped. He then recruited them to the Gaines' mercenary group.

    Also known as Alan York, Carroll disguised himself as the father of Janet York, whom he kills shortly after managing to locate her in a nearby hospital. The real Alan York was killed at approximately 11:00 PM the previous day. Working for Ira Gaines, his primary objective was to capture Teri Bauer and use her, along with already captured Kim Bauer, as collateral against Jack Bauer. Working for Gaines, he also appeared as a liaison when it came to discussing financial matters with Ted Cofell, the moneyman of the Drazen family, who had hired Gaines' crew. He was killed for security and punishment after the Gaines phase of the Drazen mission failed.

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