The red warning light on my dashboard keeps on coming on when I am in traffic?

Can anyone help me. I drive a Fiat Punto and when I am in fic for a few minutes the warning light keeps on coming telling me that it is overheating. Any solutions?


Thanks guys. It broke downa a few weeks ago and I put some coolant and oil in it so I don't think it gives a faulty reading

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    You said you put oil and coolant in it recently.

    So lets presume it doesn't leak. If you have a guage that shows coolant temp, or oil temp, you should be able to see if they are reading rather high. Also look and see if the guage is starting normally and the going up or just starting high and staying there. If the guage is starting at a normal position then going up, you are probably overheating the motor. If the guage starts high and stay there, you may need to change a temp sensor.

    Now let presume you do have a leak. You may have lost a enough coolant that you again heading for a break down possibly one your motor will not be recovering from. Check you fluid levels again.

    The other thing that may cause this is that you Thermostat for you motor and or fan are not working. My guess it is you fan.(if you have an electric fan that is) Since you are in traffic and are not moving very much there is little to no air movement through the radiator. If the thermostatic switch for the fan is broken, the fan will not come on and there will continue to not be any air moving over the radiator causing the motor to heat excessively.

    So I would, check the fluid levels and take to a mechanic to have the thermostat's check to make sure they are functional.

    good luck

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    Number of things could be going on here. First, is the fan working properly? If it is electric, the sensor may be bad if the fan is not coming on. Next, the water pump. Is it leaking at all? Check the radiator for any obstruction to airflow. Sometimes a "reverse" pressure wash will clean out the debris from a radiators outer surface. And the next step is the thermostat. When was the last time you changed it? Putting in a lower temp thermostat in older cars is recommended. And then there is the radiator itself. When did you flush out the radiator last. Usually, every two to three years works best. There is a lot that can be going on here, even something simple as a bad sensor or loose wire. Take it to a radiator shop and have a mechanic diagnose what is going on.

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    Check your coolant level.

    Check any fans or fan belts.

    If you can't find anything obvious, take it to a good honest mechanic.

    It may be just a faulty sensor.

    BUT you don't want to drive aound in an overheating car. You could easily do several thousand $'s damage.

    I used to have a vehicle with an electic cooling fan & some faulty electronics. GRRRR. Nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of nowhere & your fan goes out & your engine starts overheating.

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    take it to a mechanic to get it looked at - if your car overheats too much you could damage the engine.

    it might be something simple like a bad thermostat.

    (the thermostat is the part of the cooling system that opens to enable more cooling in the engine by passing water through the radiator to cool it when the engine is warm - it is closed when the engine is cooler)

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