Which Horde race/class is the best for PvP in WoW and why?

Is it the warrior? Or mage? Or priest? How would you spec the character as well?

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    I have 3 alliance 60's on a PvP, (hunter, warrior, priest) and have lvled a rogue and warlock past lvl 50...and so, as an Alliance, the answer I must give is Shaman. There is a reason they are hated. Orcs do well against rogues, because of the stun resist, and taurens do pretty well, too. Trolls got nerfed on the last patch (or so i'ved heard). Basically, they spam frost shock, and then hit me for about as much damage as I do with a crit.

    Warlocks are also a fun pvp class, if you chose that, go destruction. You have more instant casts that way.

    Mages - Fire can kill almost any class, one-on-one, Frost works well vrs rogues.

    Hunters - Marksman or Beastmaster is good. Survival is like being a crappy warrior.

    Shadow priests melt faces =)

    Warriors do well...fury does a ton of damage, protection makes you a better tank.

    In the end, it's up to you want to do...take a lot of damge and crush those little gnomes? Sneak around and kill people before they see you? Shoot them before they know you're even there? Be hated an feared just because of your class? the possibilites are almost endless. Anyway, good luck and have fun. =)

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    Undead shadow priest, in general.

    However, gear has alot to do with it.

    I had a mage loaded with +dmg gear, and a ZHC from Hakkar, Azuresong Mageblade from MC, and an Ice Tome from Alterac Valley with a Frost/Shatter build (18/0/33). Frostbolt crits regularly broke 3000 (even more when bufffed with a flask), that's enough to one-shot just about anyone in PvP gear.

    My brother had a warrior (Arms/Prot, 31/5/15) with a Halberd of Smiting. When attacking a hunter: he popped off a crit, it proc'd, THAT crit, and then he popped of an Execute, and THAT crit. Dead in three hits, he barely had time to get a wingclip off.

    Edit: Trillium is right, but the reason I didn't include Shaman though are because I've seen some classes poop all over them (well geared warriors come to mind)...they are pretty beast in PvP though, but I still think Shadow Priests are in general the best all around (I hate playing priest myself)

    And she's right about warlocks too, they can be downright NASTY in PvP. They're not a very easy class to play, though.

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