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SA Dictatorship?

Who thinks the petrol price going up is a scam by the SA gevernment?

after all they want to make it that they can fine you if you drive on the N1 between joburg and pretoria and a while back they were promoting public transport. Are they not trying to force people to drive together?

Is our country turning into a dictatorship?


Genobeba, you are right in a way at least we don't have Mugabe but still.

They are trying to enforce a law to be able to listen in on peoples conversations on their cellphones and telephones. In that case do we still have freedom of speach? They even tell us how to raise our kids? Is that right?

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    Thats a bit dramatic dont you think? The world is looking too closely at our country that it would never be ALLOWED to become a dictatorship. We have to make an example for other countries who are in the position we were in 15 years ago. Although at times it may not seem as though we are doing so great with the government we do have least we dont have Mugabe hey? Well I'm sitting here in the UK,so I get another side of the spectrum,I can see how we are portrayed in the UK media and what opinions are of us. Not always so good,but always shown with a sense of hope.

    Thats a whole nother kettle of fish I suppose. It would be so easy for them though considering what a large part of telkom is owned by the government. We do have a lot of issues in SA other than the ones you have mentioned. But I still dont agree with the idea of SA becoming a dictatorship. I dont think the government is clever enough.

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    USA is trying to corner the world market in oil and as part of it are in a major war in the middle east. it has been a low grade conflict for over twenty years but became declared and upgraded to open war about five years ago. The USA has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and is in the process for the past five years of occupying and pacifying those two countries, USA is also threatening to attack Syria, Iran,and North Korea. Israel has also been Expanding her holdings and has begun military action into the Gaza and into Palestine, with threats to Syria, Iran and Lebanon. Oil supplies are threatened so the price goes up, and USA demand for oil is very high because the war machine has to be fuelled and tanks,planes and ships burn lots of oil. Somebody has to pay the price and sorry S.A. but you do not vote in USA elections.

    welcome to the start of WW III

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    is cause by the international community on Oil, it affect all the country in the world , except maybe the Arabs world

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    I am amazed you just discovered it;I was there,a bit to the north...

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    sorry your rant makes no sense

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    yor country is finished.

    you know that.

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