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Has anyone tried electronic muscle stimulation systems?

Some of the systems on the market claim to offer programs to build different muscle types as well as toning and massage. Do they actually work?


I'm doing what exercise I can, but osteo-arthritis doesn't help and some movements are pretty painful.

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    This is another of those magic pills that are sold on late night television. Electro-magnetic stimulation does actually work - but not the way most people envision it. It will stimulate the muscles - but not painlessly. Remember, muscle growth does not occur without damage to the muscles. Damage to the muscles occur during strenous exercise, when the muscles are pushed outside their "comfort zone". However, damage to the muscles is also painful - burning muscles during exercise, soreness afterwards. That is why most people don't like working out, and are looking for a magic pill. In order for the electro-stimulation to work, it has to be at an intensity that will cause muscle damage - which will also cause pain (unless your have nerve damage). Otherwise you are basically just massaging the muscles.

    The other problem is if you do use it to cause muscle growth, then muscle growth will occur - but it is not training your muscles for real life. By exercising/playing sports, you are taxing certain muscle groups in a certain way - so that when growth happens, it is to better protect you from those activities. When you send random electricity through your muscles, your are not training them for anything specific. You could overtrain one muscle group, which could lead to a devastating injury to another muscle group that was not properly prepared/strengthened.

    The final problem is you are sending electricity through your body. Your body already produces small voltages to regulate every major body function, including the beating of your heart. If you are not careful, and not working with a trained physician, you could interfere with these natural bio-rythms. Worst case scenario - heart attack.

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    i have actually tried about 5 different types, not worth the effort and money. on some systems, if you stick the pads on slightly wrong and turn on the power, you'll feel like you've been zapped with a taser! very painfull!!

    (also, it's only meant to be use in conjunction with regular exercise and not used as a substitute for...)

    nothing beats good old fashioned exercise!

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    No they don't work, they're a big scam. The only way to getting great tone is regular workouts and healthy eating!!! Check out Bill Phillips book Body For Life and website for an excellent workout and healthy eating plan.

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    got one of those things. very uncomfortable. plus u need to use it like 10 times a day for half hour a time to see results, seriously spend ure money on one of those cheap sit up devices they really work, honest it takes a bit more effort but you wont get the physique your after without a little effort, good luck

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    When baking, swap out the butter for one of these.

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    I think they do have an effect, however they dont really build strength. in order to be toned, you need to have a low body fat percentage. This comes with cardio work or swimming if you are able to swim?

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