what is the latest version of Apache Tomcat server? Does it support EJB?


The suggestion about Jboss is very helpful , thanks.

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    EJB isn't a programming language. Entreprise Java Beans is a form of programming. It uses the best of patterns and thinking to derive the best solution to do your webapplication.

    But EJB requires some precompiled headers and context listeners to be active before running the application, It will be more work for you to do it within apache tomcat. I would recommend you to use JBOSS.

    JBOSS is a superset of Tomcat, it uses Tomcat with added features. JBOSS Server can be downloaded for free from http://www.jboss.org/ and you can use ECLIPSE ( http://www.eclipse.org/ ) for your IDE to program EJB applications.

    So what I recommend is to download Eclipse IDE and JBOSS Server. Jboss has a Jboss eclipse plugin if you want to make deploying and packaging easier as well. You could use netbeans as well.

    Thats my recommendation! Good Luck

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    Does Tomcat Support Ejb

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    latest version listed on their website is 5.x

    not sure about EJB support. try for details on the link below.


    hope this helps

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    5.5 is the latest version, but heard that its supporting EJB too but i am not sure abt that just chek it out here


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