I am considering buying Guild Wars but am puzzled as to which Guild Wars to get...Some people are saying the old one is better than the new but some say the opposite...please help me decide (If u explain why its better or worse ill more likely give u the best answer

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    I have guild wars prophesies, the first one. I enjoy the pre world which is green and has lots of quests to do or just things to hunt for experience. Once you get tired of this you can move on to the post world, this is where the meat of the story takes place. There are lots of quests, missions with mini movies and a whole story line to wrap around your character. The detailed graphics are amazing, especially in a free2play game.

    I was able to take a test drive of Factions when there was a pre publication event online. I sent an invitation to the event to my brother, so we could both see what Factions was like. It has quests and there's hunting for experience to do just like on the original game. This one has an asian flavor to the style of the art work and music that I found very nice. Also the added classes are interesting. Some of the old class skills have been revamped or added to and there's an added game play of alliance - where guilds can make alliances with other guilds - this is for joining up for larger battles later on I'm guessing. This second one is very intense and would be easier to enjoy after the first guild wars, mostly because you can bring your characters over so that you can be a higher lvl and make it easier to get a feel for the different game play options in factions.

    Source(s): Hope this helps out. Personally I'm eager to get the Factions game so my brother and I can play it solo for a while. Then I want to get a second one to add to my own Guild Wars game account so I can take my high lvl characters over to Factions. I want to experience both the solo of both and the combined add ons. I also heard that there will be another Guild Wars game coming out in the Fall/Winter of 2006 - I can't wait to see what they are cooking up for the 3rd installation/addition to the series.
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    If you Can Buy Both, But If you ask Me......Buy Factions, It has ALL the Other Professions INCLUDING the New Rt and A :) But if you Can Get The CE :P It i just $20 bucks More :P

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    factions is shorter but has lots of extra features

    prophecies has less features (such as assassin and ritulist professions) but a longer story and if you beat guild wars then you can buy factions and transfer your cahracter to factions and use him or her on both games

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    new one is better denfinately,more actions and you can design your own custom made guild.

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    i personaly have both if you want one then it depends on what your wanting the new one has more pvp style aspects but the original has more storyline. i personaly like them both but it all depends on what your wanting.

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