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What is the Best Superhero Movie?

Saw this on MSN and thought it was a good q. In your opinion, what is the best movie based on a superhero? Btw, havent seen Superman Returns, so don't know how to judge.

This was the MSN list - 10. Rocketeer. 9. Spy Kids. 8. Hellboy. 7. Inframan. 6. Darkman. 5. Superman II. 4. The Incredibles. 3. Spiderman. 2. Batman Returns. and 1. - X-Men.

What do you think?

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    these are my top ten

    10 batman forever

    9 rocketeer

    8 .x-men 1

    7 the incredibles

    6. hellboy

    5. x-men 2

    4. spiderman 2

    3.x-men 3

    2.batman begins

    1.spiderman 1

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    I have a list of favorite super hero movies. I like all Batman movies except for Batman and Robin, the flop with George Clooney. I like Batman Begins, which totally rocked!!! I like all three X-Men movies, Hugh Jackman delivers on every one. I like Spiderman one and two, both blew me away. But I have to say, Batman Begins and the Spiderman movies are probably the best ones. They kicked butt. But, as I said, I like the list. Oh yeah, and even though it's not the standard comic superhero movie, I love and adore The Incredibles. The movie is what the title is.

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    I liked the X-Men movies and first 2 Superman movies but Darkman and The Punisher(the more recent one) are my favorates.

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    Blankman... No, just kidding, the first Superman---(1979- in the theatre) was and still is the best overall (the first X-Men, and Daredevil---were not bad, for overall content...) P.S. Personally, I do have a 'soft-spot' for Hellboy!!!

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    Batman Returns was pretty good. I also liked The Incredibles.

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    Either Spiderman 1 or 2. Had a lot of reality in it, if you look close.

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    Batman Returns and of course, the first one, Batman.

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    Indiana Jones!

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    between batman superman and spiderman. it's hard to decide but i'll go with batman begins

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    X- Men Rules

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