Where can you study canine/animal nutrition?

Where are some colleges located that have degrees/programs in canine/animal nutrition? Is there a more specific title to this type of program? What is a good website to use when searching for schools with specific programs? Thank you!

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    Hi! It sounds like you're interested in "animal science." If you want some great search websites check these out:




    You can also search for "animal nutrition" (in quotes) and "university OR college" (don't need the quotes) on a search engine. Doing this I found Colorado State University, whose Department of Animal Science offers a program in "Animal Nutrition and Reproduction."

    A search on collegeboard.com showed three colleges that have Animal Nuitrition programs: Joliet Junior College (IL), Sterling College (VT), and University of Manitoba (Canada). However a search on "animal science" yielded many more results.

    Don't get discouraged if you can't find a program specifically on "animal nutrition." At many colleges and universities you can "customize" your educational experience with the help of your advisor or professors in the program. You might have to take some classes you're not really interested in, but those are just stepping stones to help you refine what you really like.

    If you find schools that offer animal science, go online and read about their programs and the department offerings. Sometimes you'll study a general major (animal science) and the department offers "concentrations" (like animal nutrition, animal health, animal genetics, etc.). Then call a few schools that sound great, and ask if a professor would be willing to answer your questions for 10-20 minutes. Find out if you would be able to specialize in animal nutrition and how the department can help you to do that.

    If you're still in high school, consider taking more classes in the sciences - biology, physics, anatomy, etc. You may even want to enroll in science courses at your local community college during the summer before you go to college.

    On Colorado State University's page (mentioned above) in the Animal Nutrition program, you'll take classes in

    "applied animal nutrition, mineral and vitamin metabolism, lipid and protein metabolism, zoo and companion animal nutrition, cellular biochemistry, advanced cell biology, techniques in molecular biology and genetics, laboratory methods, and metabolism"

    just to name a few. So if you're really interested in animal nutrition, be prepared for a heavy load of science coursework.

    Working with animals can be a fulfilling and challenging job, and one perfect for someone who loves animals and wants to make their lives happier and healthier. Take care, and best of luck!

    Michelle Gellas

    Source(s): Former university career counselor - nine years.
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    I may be able to help but I would have to make some phone calls. My sister is a vet, she would know this if you live in a Australia or she may know other place around the world. if you don't get a answer contact me

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