Places to visit in Bavaria?

I recently visited Germany and I had an awesome time. We went throghout Bavaria (Rothenburg, Muenchen, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Dachau, Obergammerau) and then into Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. When I return to Germany I want some new places to visit within Bavaria. Please give me some that you have been to and why I should see them.

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    I travelled to Germany last year and enjoyed Würzburg ( for the wonderful Marienberg Fortress overlooking the city and the huge baroque palace called the "Residenz" (it has the worlds largest ceiling fresco) and its lovely gardens.

    Bamberg is interesting also, for its old buildings and has a lovely palace to tour through.

    Next time I visit Germany I want to see other places in Bavaria such as Coburg, for its colourful old Renaissance market square and its 16th century palace (Schloss Ehrenburg).

    Regensburg also sounds interesting.....its one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. It has a Gothic cathedral, 850 year old stone bridge and a lovely palace.

    Passau would also be on my has a beautiful historical centre, with winding medieval lanes, tunnels and archways...and baroque architecture, and a 13th century fortress overlooking the city. I would recommend the Lonely Planet book of Germany for great information.

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    Theres a little town near Munich called Fruedenburg that has GREAT skiing in the winter time.

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    If you didn't go here you really missed something.

    It's an amazing place.

    I would also check out Berchtesgaden (Hilter's Eagles Nest). I'm a history buff and enjoyed Band of Brothers.

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    Bavarian alps

    Hiking Trails

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    Do visit the Museums and Castles.

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