What are the commons Risks and Benefits of Genetically Modified Food?

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    The research for this topic is HUGE! (The link lists 50 reasons alone!)

    One of my favorite examples of the risks has to do with SEEDS and why growing heirloom seeds is much better...

    The loss of genetic seed diversity facing us today may lead to a catastrophe far beyond our imagining. The Irish potato famine, which led to the death or displacement of two and a half million people in the 1840s, is an example of what can happen when farmers rely on only a few plant species as crop cornerstones.

    One blight wiped out the single potato type that came from deep in the Andes mountains; it did not have the necessary resistance. If the Irish had planted different varieties of potatoes, one type would have most likely resisted the blight.

    We can help save heirloom seeds by learning how to buy and save these genetically diverse jewels ourselves.

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    Great Question...I don't think the scientific community is fully aware of the possible side effects or risks. I'm really interested also in the 'real' answers to that question. The scientific community spends too much time seeing what they can do w/o thinking too much about whether they should.

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    DUDE! I can't BELIEVE you don't like the thought of a swelling LIVER in your body, because of the FORMALDEHYDE they put in your CANNED drinks, and all the preservatives you get in your canned and frozen FOODS!! Come now!

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    Don't know sorry.

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