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how may I locate a military personnell? ssg. kevin dale brown/E6/ Ind. Nat'l Guard. Alpha Company?

I am searching for staff sgt. Kevin Dale Brown/Ind. Nat'l Guard/ Born 06-06-69/ E-6/ of Alpha Company. I really need to locate him, and I can not figure how to navigate the government sites to complete this task.


(krystal) you may contact me @

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    Krystal.. way to go Violating the Privacy Act and abusing your access to SECURE military information. Ever hear of PERSEC?! You have NO way of knowing of the Original Question asker is legit or a phsycho stalker or even someone out to cause trouble in other ways.

    As for answeringt he question: If you are a family member, you can contact the Rear D and ask them. Altrenatively, you can request the American Red Cross to do a Welfare check. You would need to provide them with his name, rank, Social Secuirty Number and his Duty station, and they will try and contact him and tell him you are looking for him. they may NOT however, tell you any information as to where he is, nor can they make him contcat you.

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    Find someone who is in the Army, if you are in it yourself, or try asking at a recruiter station like ones at the Mall. Then you or them log on then goto white pages and fill out the information, and you will get their e-mail address and phone number. Also remember all us soldiers official e-mail address is or and sometimes

    I just did a search myself on AKO and found who you were looking for, but because of the privacy act I cannot give it to you outright, however I do suggest you try

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    well i looked him up on army knowledge online for you. you dont have access to this site because you have to be in the military to get in, and im assuming that you are not. it has his phone number on there and email. his email is, BUT a lot of soldiers have an AKO email account and never check it. you can try though. his phone number is there but i hate listing stuff like that on the internet. if you post your yahoo messenger name on this question i can message you and give it to you.

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    ask some 1

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