what do you do when your electric company hires pros to cut back your trees and cause damage to your house?


they shorted out all the wires in my house including my computers tvs etc everything is lost they knocked off the negative wire on my house leaving the hot on the transformer for many hours they caused alot of damage im so dissapointed in them they are blaming the tree company id say its a crime the way they left my house it was aep ohio they are very cruel to people in this area

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    first - send them a copy of the repair bill with a letter requesting that they pay it. Make sure you send it certified mail, return receipt requested.

    if they refuse, take them to small claims court.

    make sure you take pictures of the damage, get down names and dates of when it happened, and statements from witnesses if you can. get quotes for damage repair. bring all this to your court date.

  • It sounds like the tree trimming company is to blame. AEP did hire them, and they will hold some of the blame, but if they were hired, that makes them professional, and so they should have known what they were doing.

    My suggestion would be for a civil suit.

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    You can sue them and also get replacements for all the damaged things.

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    Bring it to the attention of the electric company. If they refuse to repair the problem, bring it to the attention of your attorney.

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    sue em

    they cant come one someone elses property and damage it without fixing it

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    take them to court!!!!

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