Being irresistable to an older man?

Ok, I know you guys are going to think this is the dumbest question ever, but how do I make myself (22) irresistable to an intelligent, chivalric early 30's man? I mean, I am after him pretty good, but if I just come out and try to jump him, that won't be very ladylike and I don't think that will work out too well. I'm pretty sure he's got the hots for me, but is too gentlemanly to get down and dirty. Any suggestions?

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    Dress like a lady, walk like a lady, talk like a lady. I know that sounds old fashioned. Wear dresses, heels, keep yourself somewhat aloof, but not unattainable. Project a little mystery, and give the illusion that you are unavailable. Think Sharon Stone!

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    Learn whatever he's interested in.

    Start watching sports with him- don't try to "bond" while game is on. Make intelligent comments about team, players, etc.

    LISTEN when he talks about his job, car, tools, boats, sports, hunting or guy things.

    Understand he is a man, not one of your girlfriends.

    Look your best for him, get close enough for him to smell you (make sure you smell good)

    Compliment his appearance- let him know you find him attractive.

    Be patient, you'll wear him down. Mine did to me...

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    I don't know I didn't have to make myself inressitable he just found my number and start calling and he told me how je felt and it worked out for a little while then I had to drop him!

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    get to know him. do coffee or donut break together. it is ok to start it as long as he is able to finish it.

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    tell him go for it

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