Why do some animals eat to obesity while others only eat until they are full and leave their food?

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    I think it has a lot to do with how people fed them when they were young. Animals that were not fed frequently enough during the day were famished when food was put before them, so they learned to eat quickly everything that was set in front of them. In the book I got for raising my puppy, it said to leave food out for him all day long, that way he would never get super hungry and gulp his food. He is now four years old and only gets fed once a day. He eats half of the food in his bowl before his walk and when he gets back he eats the other half. Some days he chooses to not finish his dinner and I end up throwing it away.

    So I guess animals are a lot like humans... if you establish good eating habits when you are young, it serves you well your whole life.

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    Many animals in the wild are not able to get enough food to become obese. Plus an obese animal in the wild will quickly be killed and eaten itself. Many animals are also not able to store fat the way others do, so they don't get obese even after eating too much.

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    Answering your question with a question. Why do some humans eat to obesity. Maybe it is enviorment, animals can be depressed like us. May a learned habit. Or maybe they like to eat.. We have many more concerns in this world then obesity in animals.

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    depends if their ancestors were exposed to famine at one time. it also depends on the environment. if the animal is alone and nothing else eats the food or is around to eat the food, then the animal wouldnt want to leave all the rest to rot and stink up the air to keep other prey away. it also depends on the animal's temperment. if the animal is selfish by nature, then it'll try whatever it can to keep rivals away from its food, like eating all of it. if the animal is shallow and callous, then it could leave the leftovers to rot as a way of demeaning its enemies.

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  • 1 decade ago

    generally, the only obese animals you will find are the domesticated ones, especially dogs and cats. many pet owners over feed their pets with table scraps and food that isn't meant for animals. animals in the wild have the tendancy to only eat when they need to.

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    because there are no obese animals unless they are living with humans. homo sapiens are obese because of television and lack of activity, so they might be throwing crumbs to their pets and become to lazy to walk them. Animals in the wild go by instinct, they must keep moving whether its to find water which sustains life, besides they are unable to carry whats left behind, which might cause them to become a part of the food chain themselves

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    I have noticed with my dogs, the inside one (who is alone and does not have to fight over it) just eats a little here and there. Then we have some out side and they eat ALOT at a time so that they don't have to share so maybe that is what the answer is.

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    Because some animals are stupid (i.e. cats) and some animals are smart (i.e. dogs).

    Just joking...

    Some animals just don't get it!

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    are you talking to me? ( bob deniro in taxi)

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    because they are greedy asses..just like fat people

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