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What is DETROIT famous for?

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    It's famous for.....

    - Motown (music)

    - Car Manufacturing (which is declining)

    - Very High Crime Rate

    - 8 Mile Road (a road that seperates low income white and black households)

    - Being "Detroit Rock City" renamed by the band KISS

    - Also home to Celebrities such as Kid Rock and Eminem


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    Well... having spent almost 6 months there for work I'd have to say: Motown, their world famous Detroit Auto Show, and Little Caesars Pizza.

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    Detroit is a large city in the state of Michigan in the USA. It was the 10th biggest city in the United States at the time of the 2000 census. As of 2004, it fell to 11th biggest as people have moved away, and San Jose, California, which moved to 10th, is growing.

    It was made a city in 1701. Detroit is a city where many cars are made and this is why it is sometimes called the "Motor City". Nearly one million people live in Detroit and its surrounding cities. The city borders Windsor, Ontario in Canada.

    In 2006, the Super Bowl came to Detroit.

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    Hitsville USA


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    The was automobile capital of both the world and the United States. More important to others is the Motown recording industry especially among soul music of the seventies. Some great love songs from that era.

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    They are home to General Motors, Ford, Motown Records, and they hosted the Superbowl this January. Honestly I hate Detroit...its soooo boring, run down. Yeah, Eminem is from there too, but who cares.

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    Their Auto Manufacturing

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    Motor city is famous for cars.

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