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Military Recruiters?

Is anybody sick of seeing recruiters in school and in places like Wal-Mart? If people want to join the military then THEY will come to YOU. It is like they are encouraging you to go kill yourself. It is just as annoying as people trying to convert you to their religion. I want to know what you all think about those recruiters who hit the streets to ask people to join the military?


I have been reading some answers and I just LOVE it when you over patriotic people come out. This war is not worth it. I rap never attacked us. What happened to looking for Bin Laden? It is not that I fear war, I just do not like being reminded of the stupidity of the war by seing a recruiter at school or at a store! Also, I do not want to become some cocky veteran. I hate veterens who this to solve every arguement, "Well I served my country so I deserve (insert object of desire here)!" Almost everyone who comes back from the war becomes cocky and they start preaching their patriotic BS. Then there are those people who pity the veterans who come back with nervous disorders. Heck! It was their choice to go so why are you complaining?

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    I agree if the military is so great then why aren't people knocking down the doors to get to the recruiters? If you want to go in that's your own business.

    They kinda remind me of telemarketers but only in person and with alot more lousy of a product.

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    There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's no different than college recruiters or job recruiters doing the same thing. As you state "if people want to join the military then they will come to you." Well, that's not always the case. You do realize that some people can't get to recruiters. Maybe they can't drive. Or maybe the recruiters office is 3 hours away (as mine was when I enlisted 22 years ago (and yes I retired from the military last year)). I'm personally sick of people that want the best this country has to offer but are unwilling to offer any substantive volunteer time themselves. Your comment about encouraging people to go kill themselves is so shortsighted it's ridiculous. If it weren't for people willing to do the job I wonder how WWII would have turned out. It's a great thing that there are so many that believe the military serves a fantastic purpose. Too bad you don't appear to be one. I love it when people appear to think that what they've got in this country just came into existence. Not only that but it stayed this way without having to fight for it. You should be thankful for those that are willing to separate from family members when duty calls. I say we do away with allowing recruiters on campuses and of course that means all of those college recruiters shouldn't get on campus either or the sports scouts either. I love equality.

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    These recruiters are in many ways no different from the religious recruiters you described. They both have an agenda. I personally don't have any issue with them hanging out at Wal-Mart or the Mall. The problem now adays is the military is having trouble meeting their quotas so the recruiters are more agressive. In times of war, this is probably the norm. Think of it this way, if these recruiters fails to recruit, they might have to reinstate the draft, and that would suck for everyone!

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    I do think that some recruiters can be very pushy about getting people to join the military, but I can understand that right now they are desperate. When I got out of high school, I kept getting calls from recruiters everday. Even though I said I wasn't interested and planned on going to college they still called. They are a very persistent bunch but that is how they make some money.

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    My husband is an Army recruiter and let me tell you... the people do not come to them for the most part. Just because you are not interested in joining the military doesn't mean that others aren't. There are some people who are a little interested but wouldn't make the move to go to a recruiting station... they do however go to school and WalMart, ect. And a recruiter can show you how to inlist to get out of your service what you want to... like money for college, or a big bonus, ect. It's a hard job.

    Added: wow dude... I hope you get beat up in a dark alley one night... (that didn't have anything to do with anything patriotic... I just would like to see it) =)

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    People like you amaze me....if you don't want to join, just say no thank you and keep walking. Recruiters aren't forcing anyone to join, but they serve a necessary purpose for our national security. If you'd rather not, great. But move on and just shut up.

    They are not encouraging ANYONE to kill themselves. There are many jobs in the military that can lead to great career opportunities as well as provide money for school. You don't have to be a ground pounder unless you want to be.

    I served for 15 years as well as during Desert Storm. You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but recruiters have as much right to be visible in schools and other locations to recruit just as much as company recruiters do. In fact, if your school accepts federal funding, they have MORE of a right.

    Oh and by the way, I'm a Democrat and a veteran. I don't have to support the war or this administration in order to support the troops.

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    I think they are doing a good job and have every right to recruit for whatever service they represent. NO ONE is forced to speak with them if they choose not to. As a former high school principal, I allowed recruiters to visit the Guidance Department and to talk individually with students who made appointments to do so. Besides the world of work and college, the military offers many young people many opportunities not open to them in other areas.

    I hope you now agree.

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    Quit whining little boy. If it weren't for them and the brave men and women who have joined the armed forces...voluntarily I might add...then you wouldn't have the oppurtunity to sit here in your underwear typing this drivel. People are being killed and maimed because they're doing what they said they would do if it ever came to it. You, on the other hand prefer to sit on the sidelines and kibitz. Of course...why would anyone expect you to do something worthwhile?

    Better hope there isn't a draft. You'd never last. In strike me as the type that would join the R.O.T.C. Run Off To Canada.

    Perhaps you should consider joining the Marines. You'' achieve puberty faster.

    If not...stick to your video games and bagging groceries at your job. Don't bother commenting. You've already showed me what kind of a individual you are. solicited my opinion. Take it or leave it. I could care less.

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    Adolf Hitler never attacked us, nor did he have weapons of mass destruction. Should we have left him alone and allowed him to continue killing people based on their ethnicity?

    The Confederacy didn't attack the Union, but if the Civil War hadn't occured, slavery wouldn't have been abolished.

    If you haven't noticed, recruiters have a hell of a job to do, and I'm glad they are doing it, because I don't want to. It was easy back when the draft was on, but now people have options.

    Pardon me for chosing to do this job so that people like you don't have to. I guess you would rather not be a part of something that represents honor and truth.

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    The military has as much right to "drum up business" as any other enterprise, as much right to hand out fliers and invite to chat as the folks from Scientology or Mama Mia's Pizza.

    I do object to seeing them on high school campuses. High school are hot beds of social pressure, and young people are too vulnerable to exploitation of those pressures. Further, minors in the subordinate position of student may not feel free to tell the recruiters to 'buzz off buddy' as they might out in the mall where they are 'civilians' rather than students.

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    As someone who's taken the time to speak to Air Force recruiters, I truly have no idea why they show up in those places. I was told that the Air Force is not actively recruiting, as they have enough people.

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