what did america achieve in Vietnam,after all the mass murders,like todays iraq?

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    America achieved nothing. Our poor soldiers died--58,000--thinking they were supporting our country. After losing several friends to it, to this day I hate that there was ever a war like that.

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    There are no mass murders in Vietnam, nor in Iraq. Any mass murders being committed were done by either the China national republican army (Vietnam) or Saddam Hussein (Iraq). You need to get your head out of your *** and realize that we are doing what is right, to stop these terrorists from taking over the world.

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    We won every military engagement in Viet Nam and we are winning the war in Iraq. The reason that we left Viet Nam is because the President listen to the Cut and Run libs. President Bush will not. Why don't you find out what is really going on in Iraq instead of listening to the drive by press. Talk to a serviceman and ask how thing are going there.

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    I can only guess the mass murders you speak of would be the murders Saddam Hussein perpetrated on his own people (i.e. Gassing the Kurds with Sarin Gas, the torture rooms, and Bath Party Death Squads). It's amazing people don't get totally up in arms about these known facts.

    I am a career military man and am glad to say I did my small part to liberate the Iraqi people from this terrible oppression. I know by me telling you that, you will want to rush off and send me a "thank you" e-mail - but no need. Your question here is enough thanks.

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