I am looking into buying a new computer - laptop - any suggestions?

I have a desktop at home right now - a Compaq and I love it - but I am looking to become a bit more mobile so I want a laptop - I am trying to get information on all types - I was even looking for info on Mac Notebooks -

I need it to be able to support MS Office Pro

I need it to work with IE

I also need it to be able to burn CDs and DVDs along with play both


it has to have a movie editing software along with a 5-1 memory reader

any suggestions?

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    1 decade ago
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    Alien Ware has sweet laptops that has high performance, and can play music games and all kind of stuff. they have won so many awards. U can get a small one for $700. The big one cost like $4000. this is on circuit city.com. u got shop around.

  • 1 decade ago

    When it comes to laptops stick to Toshiba, Sony or Acer. Dell and HP both use cheap (quality and price) parts and offer horrible customer service and warranties. You will usually have to buy MS Office seperate. The 5-in-1 memory reader can be a little tricky to find in a laptop. As for the movie editing you will need a bigger than average processor.

    I would recommend the Acer Aspire AS9402WSMi (sourced below) Good processor speed, big screen, plenty of RAM, and a DVD burner (DVD Super Multi). You would have to buy an additional add-on for your memory card reader, though.

    As for a Mac having no viruses, that is untrue. There was one released a couple weeks ago. The people who write viruses are more than capable of writing one for a Mac. They just don't right now because PCs are more popular and they want to affect the most people.

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    I work as a computer technician at a small computer store. I would have to reccomend the acer laptops. They are light, strong, and we hardly ever see them in our service department...which is a good thing. You get what you pay for with an acer...and whatever you do...dont do a dell laptop...anything but a dell...they are hard to upgrade and they break down constantly because the company uses old parts...its sad, really...that a company that big can sell something so horrible...

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    Everyone is always saying to get a dell. well dells break down constantly and are prone to virsuses. that's because the company that makes them puts parts inside that sometimes down coincide with each other and makes it break down or get that blue screen of death.

    i hear good things about macs. basically macs are built to last a long time and you can even tell by the way it looks that a lot of time and design was put into it. it also doesnt get hacked into as much as pcs because a lot of people arent familiar with it. the only thing bad about it is that people that have used pcs arent that familiar with the way it's set up but once you get used to it you should have no problem

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    1 decade ago

    Go to http://deals2buy.com

    Dell advertises big time on this site on all the major sales that'll be going on. I have a Dell laptop (inspiron 6000) and have not had any issues whatsoever till now. You can get a really good laptop for around 800 dollars if you keep looking at that site for deals.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get a Mac Powerbook. They are great for editing! Plus no viruses!

  • 1 decade ago

    Check Consumer Reports.

    Price one out with what you need at Dell, Gateway, HP, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dell sucks. Apple sucks. Go with gateway

  • 1 decade ago

    Forget All Of them Go with HP

  • 1 decade ago

    I've heard that Dell is good and plan on getting one myself

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