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My senior trip is in 4 years. I am planning on going to Los Angeles. On estimate, how much will this cost?

I am thinking about $3,000. Am I way off?


Haven't decided if I'm flying or road trip.

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Damn Jerrica, you didn't have to yell!

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    $3000 is plenty of money, if you aren't considering airfare. Air from the east coast during the "off" season can be as little as $500 from New York, $300 from Florida, so its not that expensive if you book ahead.

    Now, A car is a must in the LA area. The area is too spread out to walk, and the bus system is very poor. I would also not recommend staying in the downtown LA or in Hollywood. Many parts are seedy. You said its a senior trip. If you are senior in high school, you should be at least 18 I hope!!

    Here's some places that WILL rent to you under 25 years old

    As for money, it depends how long you plan to stay. If you wish to stay a week, then $3000 will be plenty if you stay in a moderate hotel. You can go to and see which hotel suits you the best, and what area you want to stay. Hotels can range from $79 a night for a decent motel, to $400 a night at a really nice 5 star hotel. You can get great deals at those online places like expedia, travelocity,, hotwire, etc.

    The So Cal area is divided, so if you want to stay near the beach, you got beaches in the LA area (ie: Santa Monica to Hermosa) and then you got the OC area (Huntington to Newport) and then you have the southern part of California, San Diego... which is about 2 hours south of LA.

    The inland part of So Cal ranges from the Valley, where a lot of the TV and Film places are, to the ghetto, to the middle class areas, and then also inland are famous places like the sunset strip, Hollywood, Beverly Hills.... all part of the LA area.

    As for doing those "see the stars" tours in Hollywood, they are not that expensive, and you need 1 day. The clubs in Hollywood can get pricey if you are under 21. Over 21 they have lower cover charges and free if you get in before 10 pm.

    I can go on about what you can spend your money on, but it depends what you want to do. If you just want to cruise around looking at the beaches and go clubbing, its not as expensive as you think. If you plan to go shopping all day, then eating in places like Spago, Patina or Ruth Chris, you will need money. Its all relavent to what you want to do.

    PS: There's a lot of free stuff to do too! Pick up an LAWeekly or OC Weekly magazine (they're free) or check the "Calendar" section of the Los Angeles Times (online)

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    Where are you visitng Los Angeles FROM? If you're from the East Coast, in 4 years you may actually be CLOSE with the $3000 mark. The way the cost of living rises here in CA, I just suggest that you keep saving your money as much as possible and when it gets closer to your trip time, check out the bargain flights and stuff. If you go with a group, as you might be doing, you might even be able to get package deals for a certain number of people, so that may even save you money, but still.....start saving now, cuz it ain't cheap here.

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    Hi there.

    One thing to consider in your cost estimate, of course, is how long you will be staying. Let's consider going for a week right now, to get an idea. Three thousand breaks down to $428 per day. You can do pretty well for considerably less than that.

    Unfortunately, there is a mountain of variables to keep in mind since the trip is so far off. Prices can and will change before then.

    I apologize for being vague, but without asking a number of questions, it would be hard to just toss an estimate to you. Feel free to e-mail me if I can help.

    Source(s): I work with a travel agency located in Florida called the Sunshine Travel Group,
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    You got the gas money covered for the first couple of days! Save more or better yet don't go! Invest that in college or some real estate.

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    You wont wanna go to los angeles period

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    It depends on where you want to stay and what you want to do.

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