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Best site for bad credit home loans(purchase)?Husband had HeartAttack,I don't work-you do the math-credit sux!

I need help NOW!!! Horrible situation...Anyone want to give to a good cause??? Probably not but I am only 31 with 2 small kids...Need info in order to buy the house we are in right now.. I only need to find a mortgage for 65% of the current value...Any suggestions? Any generous rich people?


In response to the last answer I received, I am no idiot...I am an educated person who knows that income is what pays the mortgage.My husband is back to work and making ample money to cover the mortgage we need.Our credit was great until he was out of work for 18 weeks.You try cutting your income to virtually zero and see how you fair.This is a legitimate question in search of a mortgage site to obtain a mortgage we can afford.

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    Former loan officer here: what is your credit score? 65% shouldn't be too hard to do if you are above 520. If you are below that you might try a private loan. If you're above 520 here are some options, though it will depend on the state you live in as to who can do the loan, Argent, Countrywide, a very good mortgage broker you might try is Stashin Mortage Services Inc they can do loans in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and a few other states, ask for John, he's honest and hard working, if he can't help he might be able to tell you who can. I hope this helps.

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  • Dear mother of two out of work with bad credit and husband with health problems,

    I dont want to put a damper on your day BUT if you are not working, with bad credit and your husband has health problems, how do you expect to pay the mortgage.

    I've seen many families trying to get into a home for what ever means even if that ment living miserably after the purchase. Later down the years they either had to sell their precious home or had it foreclosed.

    What ever loan ANY one offers you will definitely cost you an arm and a leg. Do you really want to live stressing month after month for the mortgage payments?

    I suggest you get you life back in track first and most importantly fix your credit before you do anything. That way a good interest could help you buy a home.

    Many so called "good" loan officer will offer you to ge into a home and will use the many trick of the industry to get you approved but deep down inside they know you dont qualify.

    IF you are definitely sure you want to buy a hard money loan might be the answer but those loans have a VERY high cost on the interest rate.

    Good luck

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    hey give me a chance to look into this for you, ive been in the mtge business for almost 9 yrs and have some pretty good programs out there for these situations. contact me at

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    this company compiles the lenders for your so you don't have to shift through the ones who will say no

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